Wyze Watch 44 - No wakeup or activity tracking

After months of waiting finally received my Watch… I have already configured and updated system but watch doesn’t wakeup on raising wrist (ever). Also it doesn’t track any activity, always showing 0 cal and all other numbers. So even to see time, you need to press button on side… Doesn’t seem to be useful. Are others having same issue or am I missing any settings? Wake up on raise wrist option is enabled.

I think your unit is defective. My wife’s tracks everything fine and raise to wake works pretty reliably.

I’m having the same problem. Was working fine until 2 days ago. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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Same issue

Same for me. Mine was working fine for months but just stopped tracking any steps few days ago. Raise to wake also not working but the notifications are still coming through… I’ve sent a message to support via the app but hasn’t heard anything back yet.

Mine started doing the same thing. No steps or sleep since July 28th.

Have any of you updated to the beta firmware (possibly by accident)? The update broke all tracking capabilities and raise to wake. No one at Wyze has commented on the issue.

Yes, I am running the latest beta firmware. 0.3.91

I submitted an issue to support, and they want to replace the watch.

I let my watch 44 battery run down until it powered off and then recharged it and it works again. I am now back to being able to raise to wake, track steps, and use the sports/run feature.

I had the same issue with my watch 44. It seemed like the accelerometer stopped working. I went through everything Support asked me to try, nothing worked, so they finally sent me a new 47. I then powered down the 44, maybe 4 or 5 days ago. When I saw the above post about letting the battery run down, I figured I’d give that a try. But when I powered up the 44, it worked again! Raise to Wake, step count, everything! So maybe the fix is to power off, let it sit for a while, then turn it back on?