Wyze Watch 44 stopped sleep and activity

All of a sudden my data for activity and sleep no longer function. I have updated firmware and reset it 5 times with no luck. I have also emailed Wyze Support with no reply. Has this happened to anyone else and is there a solution to fix the issue? TIA

I have the same issue with my Wyze Watch 44. Steps, Sleep and Calories stopped working one week ago. I have requested a replacement

Thanks! I will do that.


My watch 44 step, sleep, and raise to trun off all stop working. I sent a log to tec support, no reply been 4 days now.
Also before all this stop working my steps count would read that I did 20k steps when I was taking a nap.
I believe that the sensor for steps, sleep, and raise to wake stop working. Or a software problem.
Still waiting on reply from tec support.
Side note my son has the 47 watch and had no problem with it.

You will need to call Wyze. They apparently don’t respond well to email requests. They will replace your watch with a 47 as they no longer offer the 44. It is an easy process to have them replace your 44 with a new 47. My 44 did the same.

Thanks for the info, I’ll call next week.

Not necessarily a long term fix, but if you want to revive your current 44 in the interim, try letting the battery run down fully so that the watch does a cold reset. That helped revive mine, though I can’t guarantee for how long. This issue appears to be a bug in the latest firmware.

Call tech support, was told they are working new firmware to correct problem. Time line for fix unknown???

I would call and talk to someone else. What are you supposed to do in the meantime? They need to do better than tell you they are working on a fix.