Wyze watch not recording sleep or steps

Has anyone else had issues lately with Wyze Watch 44 not recording steps or sleep. Going on 2 days now with nothing. Watch does sync with app. Will record heart rate and Spo2. Have reset it. Have deactivate Bluetooth and reset. Nothing working.

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I have the Wyze Watch 44 and it stopped measuring my steps, and also it didn’t turn on when I lifted my wrist. I had to keep pressing the button to see the time and date. I tried restarting and resetting the watch several times to no avail. This went on for about a week or so. So today I decided to restart the watch again, that is I powered it off and on, and now it appears to be working. Not a clue as to why it started working again??

Having this issue with sleep only. But this is with the 47 watch, not the 44. Steps still working though.

Same issues here no sleep and won’t since time and I think the watch battery is leaking or something else I have had a rash from it like a couple weeks after I got it but can’t take it off I need the information and the dang thing along with alot of my other wyze stuff is not working very dissatisfied with wyze at this point . Sent many requests in and. Not a word back …what does everyone think I should do

My Watch 47 has started giving me crazy results for sleep… like 11 hrs and more. Was doing great…. This has started in last say 3 weeks. Not every night…. But a few times a week.

Likely the firmware was updated to 0.3.91. This update broke the accelerometer functions and Wyze has not even acknowledged the issue though several users have submitted many support tickets and logs.

Some users have had limited success by letting the watch’s battery completely drain to the point it powers down and then recharging. However, this isn’t a guaranteed workaround and hasn’t lasted.

I wish @WyzeGwendolyn or anyone else on the Wyze Team would acknowledge this issue.

Have you contacted support or sent logs on the issue. If not I would recommend doing that.

I have submitted them, but have never received a response.

Usually you will not get a response from logs you submit, my understanding is they go to the developers. I would try contacting support also.

No, that’s not the issue. The firmware version is the latest available as of today: 0.12.49

Oh, I thought you said it was a Watch 44.