Wyze Watch - theater mode

This may not be as big of an issue while the pandemic is still here, but I’d love a “theater mode” that prevents the display from turning on without pressing the button, or tapping twice, or something. (My former Asus Zenwatch 2 had this and I used it a lot.)

you can temporarily turn of the rise to wake feature as you need in the settings of the watch. the screen will only come on when the side button is pressed then.


Enable “do not disturb” and disabled rise to wake.

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Yeah, good point, to both of the people that responded. Disabling “raise to wake” will work, but it’s not ideal. It requires getting your phone, turning it on, loading the Wyze app, going to the settings, etc. Not convenient, and it partly defeats the very purpose of theater mode, because you inevitably forget to enable it until the movie already started, and then turning on your phone will be even worse than having your watch light up.

Raise to wake can be disabled directly in the watch settings. Turn on screen, swipe left, swipe up, select settings, swipe up, select Raise to Wake, and toggle off.


Oh really? Wow, I swear I looked for it. That’s awesome! Thanks!

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I checked my watch and followed your instructions, and I don’t have that option, so I wasn’t missing anything after all. I’m on the latest firmware version, so I don’t know why you see it and I don’t,

47 has Raise to wake in Settings. 44 does not.

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Ugh, that sucks, but thanks for explaining.

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