Wyze Band - Adjustable "Raise to Wake" Sensitivity

Please allow us to adjust the sensitivity of the “Raise to Wake” feature. I often find myself having to raise my arm up two or three times before it turns the screen on.

Totally agree, raise to wake is not consistent. Often requires multiple attempts or it has a delayed response.

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Could we get an option to change the Wyze Band’s screen on/off sensitivity? I don’t much care for the way it is by default; I think it requires to hard of a wrist flick to get the screen on now. I would prefer to make it less sensitive but my wife likes the way it is on hers so obviously we need the option to change it. Please consider this wyze. Oh and thank you for the flashlight and stopwatch options!

In the meantime – I have turned rise to wake off. Much improved battery life, and if one hand is too busy to touch the display when I need it, I just touch the screen to any body part. Leg, other arm, face, whatever. Been working well for me!

Edit: Skip the face during the pandemic, lol.

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Agree, lifting doesn’t always work and a twist of the wrist never works but I wish it would.

Raise to wake is very unreliable and inconsistent.