How to Get Notifications on Watch 44 & 47 (Android)

So, I was only getting text and phone messages. Then I found a setting in system settings to allow for special access for Wyze.


Special App Access

Notification Access

Make sure BOTH Wyze options are enabled

My notifications have been coming through, though, it’s not perfect. Not every notification comes through for apps like Ring. Seems really hit or miss.

Gonna play around with it some more, see if having apps minimized or low priority changes anything. I’ll try to report back tomorrow.

But for now, hope this helps someone!


Hey @towelkingdom I tried this but I’m not still not getting text messages on my watch 47.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Can you post some screenshots of the app’s notification settings for the watch? There may be another text option under the more applications option.

I can’t post that many screenshots on here but I did post them in the discord if you don’t mind hoping over their

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Sure give me a few minutes and I’ll pop over there!

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