What are the three kinds of notifications?

  1. My phone shows three kinds of Wyze notifications, “WyzeMessage”, “General”, and “Notifications Manager”. What do they mean? How to choose?

  2. I have had a camera for some time and it was always configured to detect motion and I only turn it on when I am not home. The notification plays a recording very loudly that says “There is somebody in your house.”.

Now that I have a Wyze watch, I get frequent notifications that the Wyze app is running in the background. That causes the same “There is somebody in your house” announcement to play, even when my camera is turned off. VERY ANNOYING. Just launching the app causes that notification. I’ve had to turn off all notifications because I can’t figure out how to just be notified about camera motion detection. I don’t care about any other notifications.

How do I configure the app and my phone to do what I want?

I guess I don’t recognize most of what you just said. Are you using a voice assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant? You are using an Android phone? “There is somebody in your house” sounds very customized. It is not a standard Wyze alert.

So any more details you can provide might be useful. Personally I am not a voice assistant nor an Android user, but this may all be common to someone else out there.

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Sounds like you have some 3rd party integration here that you need to explain more. Is it an alexa routine or something similar? What are it’s details/triggers/actions? Screen shots will help explain things, maybe fresh eyes on your routines will see something amiss. Also what version of the Wyze app are you using?

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I’m an Android user and this sounds alien to me too. There is only one type of notification listed for my (old) Wyze app and it’s called “WyzeNormal”.

My phone is a Pixel 5 running Android 11 and Wyze App version 2.22.21. I have two devices, a Wyze camera (first version), and a Wyze watch. I don’t use Alexa or Google Assistant.

As I mentioned in my original post, here are the three notification options I see for the Wyze app:

I used the Google Recorder app to record myself saying “Hey there is somebody in your house.” I specified that sound file (recording-file.mp4) in the Sound option of Wyze Notifications Manager. Screenshot:

Wyze watch says I have to allow the Wyze app to run continuously in the background to keep syncing with the watch. But for some reason every time I launch the Wyze app (and other times too) it pops up a notification telling me that it is running in the background and plays the sound file, regardless of whether the camera is turned on or not.

I only turn on my camera when I am not at home. All I want to do is arrange to get the notification using my recorded audio file to play when the camera is on and detects motion. It used to work exactly as I wanted before I got the Wyze watch.


Sounds like you are using an Android Device as iOS notifications don’t provide these options. If I am correct, can you please let us know what version of Android you are using?

I am running Android 11 on a Pixel 5 and see the following in my Notification area, but not General:

Now you ask what is the difference, here is what I believe:

Notification Manager is used by the background process to ensure you get notifications, this is only available on an Android Device. Mine is set to Silent Notification. This should eliminate the notification about the Wyze Watch running in the background.

Wyze Messages is used for actual Camera Notifications. This is where you want to make sure your settings are correct so that you get timely notifications. There are other settings to be set, I Just posted a Step by Step here: Outdoor Camera/App Response Time - #6 by spamoni4

I don’t have or see a General option, so can’t help with that one.




Change this one to Silent, Mine is and I have no issues with being notified when a Camera see’s Motion. This one is used for Wyze background process for Android. Wyze Watch does not need it to function either.

Follow the steps I provided previously as it also takes into account the Wyze Watch or you if you have issues with getting notifications to your watch, you can follow what @towelkingdom provided at this link:
How to Get Notifications on Watch 44 & 47 (Android)

Again, not sure what General is, I don’t have that one.

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Thank you spamoni4. That is exactly what I needed. Using your information I reconfigured things and now I get the desired notification only when the camera detects motion. I don’t really want any notifications showing up on my watch so I don’t need to go any deeper.

With all the possible options both in the Wyze app and phone notifications settings, there are so many possible combinations of settings. It really helps to know what the “Wyze Notifications Manager” and “Wyze Messages” options affect. I wish Wyze would document these things, I looked but couldn’t find any such documentation. And Wyze “Support” leaves a lot to be desired. The “General” notification settings options I have on my phone are identical to the other two with no indication of what the differences are. It would help if they named these things more descriptively.

Thanks again.


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Glad it worked out. I may have to research the General Notification Option now. Curious as to why it is there.