Has anyone managed to set up unique notifications for individual cameras?

I might have missed success in this. Is there any way just using the cams and Wyze app, (no Google or Alexa) and whatever free tools are available (IFTT? Perl scripts?) to announce notifications for different cams?
For example - I presently get a voice announcement of “Wyze Beta” when the cameras send events to the cloud. But I’ve 4 cameras detecting in the front of the house, two in the rear, and two in another state. They are all named such that it’s easy to know where they are.

I’ll be puttering around anticipating the arrival of a FedEx delivery and waiting for my WL cameras to sound off, hear “Wyze Beta” go check my device and find out it’s a passerby 900 miles away on camera H1.

Has anyone gotten something like unique notifications to work?

It seems that since I get a message “Motion detected on V4.33 at 9:27PM” there should be some way to parse that and get it to audio.

I use a text to speech app on Android that reads the notifications aloud which is great for wyze notifications because they specify which camera is firing the notification or alert…

i.e. “wyze alert: driveway camera detected motion at 12:45pm, check out the video”.

Very handy…

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Can you please provide a link to the app? There are dozens of them.

Well, that’s where it gets a little dicey… the app I use is not available on the playstore anymore, I got it directly from the developer… I’ve tried a couple of the others however they’re not as customizable as this one…

however, I think if you emailed the developer, he’d send you the APK. I’ve attached a link to the developers website below…

Enhanced SMS & Caller ID - talking caller id, text messaging, email and more! Give it a try.

…it works with virtually every app that fires a notification and it can be customized to read just a headline, and/or body text, ticker text, a summary, entire email etc.
…incredibly flexible.

I just switched from a Galaxy S7 edge to an S10 …and was very relieved when the app ported over automatically and still worked flawlessly… because I really don’t know what I would do without it…
I love hearing what the phone is doing, so I don’t even have to take it out of my pocket. :rofl:

It’s great for incoming calls too…

Not available on the play store is a red flag. Why isn’t it available?

Don’t know, don’t care… I’m really not concerned… I’ve been using it for years now, and I’ve had quite a few conversations with the developer over the years …he’s quite helpful

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