Individual camera trigger notifications

This concerns the Wyze app. Therer are no applicable tags. I just chose 2 because I HAD to.
It would be VERY handy to be able to set custom notifications for camera triggers for EACH camera a user has.

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I think I know what you are asking for, but I need a bit of clarification first before I respond.

What you have posted can be taken a couple different directions.

When you say “Camera Triggers”, are you referring to the AI tags that are applied to Motion Event uploads to the cloud and appear in your Events Tab that then send you Person, Pet, Vehicle, or Package push notifications?

I just mean whatever triggers a notification from the camera.


The feature to have a unique notification tone on your phone for every different Wyze device, or every different AI Tag Type, has been a request for a very long time.

Requests for new features are handled thru the Wishlist. These ideas are posted to new topics there and users can vote for them, like other posts, and add a reply to the thread. You can follow the link below to the Wishlist topic and vote, like, and reply there.

Since you use Android, you have the capability to accomplish this now thru use of a 3rd party App. I use MacroDroid to do this, but others use BuzzKill, or FilterBox.

Step by Step MacroDroid instructions for setting individual device and notification type sounds

Different Notification Sound for EACH Individual Wyze Device AND type of Motion\AI - Workaround for Android Only - Doesn’t work for iPhone