I'm not getting notified

I have two Cam 3s set up and everything seems to be working except notifications when motion is detected. Video starts, saves to the cloud – but no notification to my cell phone via text message. Any ideas? Thanks.

Wyze doesn’t do text messages. The app needs to be installed to get Android or iOS notifications.

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Thanks. I’m a new user. It was Wyze support that told me I would receive notifications via text messages on my cell phone. So, how are you “notified” when motion is detected by a v3 camera? Is there an audible notification on your cell phone? Does the app automatically pop up on my cell phone? I’m trying to use these to alert me if I am burglarized at a remote location.

Same kind of app notification when you get mail or text or social media alerts. Not very configurable.

Generally you can pull down from the top of the screen to see past ones.

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Good boy Charlie!

The app notification is like above and then an audible alert or vibration from the notification depending on the app settings in your devices OS.

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Thanks. That looks great - but as of now, I’m not getting ANY notification. Guess I need to get on tech support with Wyze. Trouble is the cameras are in remote location 90 minutes away.

Okay, dumb question time. Is the Wyze app installed on your phone and logged into the same account that configured the cameras?