Audible notifications

Has anyone found a way to get audible notifications for specific devices? Like I don’t want an audible notification everytime my camera detects a car but want one when my doorbell get pressed. Thanks in advance.

Currently all notifications are the same for all devices if the notifications are turned on. Many including myself have asked for this to change, so hopefully it will.

You can however turn off notifications for the camera detecting a car, and leave them on for the doorbell.

Wyze said they are working on allowing this through their app (different alerts for different devices), but it’s not available just yet.

In the meantime if you really need this ASAP, you should check out this thread:

I used that program for a while for my Wyze notifications and it was pretty cool.

There are more complicated ways of doing what you asked, though I am not sure how technically inclined you are. I was able to have “Tasker” watch all my notifications and if a notification came from Wyze with a specific word in it (maybe from a certain cam or whatever I wanted) then it would do something special on my phone, maybe play a certain sound or do text to speech and say outloud whatever it was I told it to say. Then I had custom alerts for Wyze notifications for basically anything I wanted this way too.

Those 2 methods are only for Android Users though (yay for more open systems)…not totally sure if iPhone has any way of working around this or not…I’ve never used one.

Regardless, I am expecting Wyze will offer a simple solution for this sometime this year, but I don’t work for, represent, or speak for Wyze in any way, so don’t take my word for it on any kind of timeline. I just know they said they are working on it.

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