Different notification sounds for each camera

It would be nice to have different notification sounds for each camera ( not just for the app itself from the phone). Also it would be great if on the doorbell camera, have the app open immediately to that specific camera, to see who is there and to communicate when someone rings the doorbell. Last thing is the ringer inside for the door bell needs to either 1) be louder or 2) have some kind of booster for us old folks.

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this has been on the request list for years. a shame this hasn’t been added yet

Shows you selected Android in your tag. This is something that can be accomplished using macdroid.

If you do a forum search for macdroid you will find a few posts with some very good insight on how to use the utility. It is a bit involved and does have a cost, but it also possesses some very useful capabilities.

Hers is one of those posts