How to get Individual camera notifications ( workaround)

so, most of us here want to be able to get individual notifications from different cameras. for instance if you have someone at the front door, you want to know its the camera you have on your front door, and not the one inside your garage sending the notification. I have come up with a workaround that will work until Wyze rolls something more solid out.

DISCLAMER, I use android and the Wyze beta app, I don’t know if the app you need is available on IOS but if it is, it should functions similarly.

so the app you will need is called Lightflow.

step1. go into the app and hit the hamburger button at the top left.

go into notification settings.

hit the plus button + at the bottom right and it will open this screen. click on “for an installed application” option

I use the Wyze Beta app but the regular Wyze app should be listed too.
select that app.

it should show up like the option within the yellow box I have marked with some generic name.

heads up if you get a bunch of boxes, hit the back button, followed by the hamburger menu, to the notification settings…at that point, it should only have the single box setup. that is one notification option, and it is that you will set for the individual camera. more cameras, different notifications, you will need to add more boxes using the previous steps. i saw this after i set a couple up and then deleted them…not sure why it happend but figure I would throw in a warning…anywho…

click on the three dots on the far right side of that box in the previous picture with the yellow square and choose settings…you will get this

in the capture above, in the red squares, you can change the name of that individual notification, I have them named for the camera they are attached too.

in the yellow boxes are the important part…this is the “contains trigger” by turning that option on, you then enter the trigger…you have to use the wording of the stock notification of the Wyze app. for this one, I have it set only for person detection…so it reads, “person detected on ( camera name) front door” keep in mind this is the important part, you can change it for motion or person, if you are unsure of what to put for a trigger, trigger your camera with either motion, or person, and use the wording in the Wyze notification.

next… for the individual notification sounds (picture above) . along the top you will see a series of settings…slide it to the right until you get to sounds. enable sounds…then where it says notification sound, click it and find the notification you want to use from your device. these notification are only what you have on your device. I was able to find some “person detected at the front door” Etc. notifications using the zedge app and download them to my phone. if you use a voice recording app you can use your own voice too and make your own ominous warnings and alerts :sunglasses:

this next part is optional, but I used it. some times you will notice a notification, even at its max volume is still too quiet…this app and can help.

click the volume control method…this will appear.

select it as I have done. and then go into the relativity standard and turn that all the way up ( or as much as you might need)

now to test all your wonderful hard work.

hit the test button here

when you hit the test button you will see this screen. turn your screen off and give it a second to count down. if you here the notification you set, you should be good, thats showing you what will play and the volume it will be at.

final step…close out of all your apps and go trigger your camera…it should be set up and ready to go with a custom notification for that camera… now…be happy for a few minutes then get to work on the rest of your cameras :upside_down_face:


Nice write up, I was telling someone this in one of the threads yesterday but did not do a walk through.

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yes, that was what prompted me to do it :slight_smile:

I have had it for this and ive been using lightflow for years now on different phone…back when they had leds lol. didnt really think about people that have never heard of it so i thought this might help

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I also used it on and old phone, but have not used it in some time, I checked to see if it was still in the store and brought it up as a work around.


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Absolutely GREAT!
Now it’s Light Flow Legacy
What’s the best way to record and where do I store the file?
I’ll try to figure it out.
/edit - store under /notifications, recorded with “Smart Recorder” app. GREAT

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There does not appear to be an iOS version of Light Flow. Have to poke around and see if there is a good substitute.

I just did a couple of notification alert recordings with something called narrator’s voice. When you open up the dialog box to pick the sound bite you want to use go to the far-right at the top of that box and that should show you where any downloaded Clips are or music you have on your phone or things like that. The trick is to name the file you want to use a very precise and easy findable manor

Nicely done! I’m bookmarking this one. :slight_smile:

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I used , Voice Changer to make some sounds in the past


I’m glad so far everyone’s understanding the steps I put in here. It took a bit of trial and error for me to figure out exactly what the triggers needed to be and how much of the stated message needed to be in there and things like that. I was walking through the yard with my son and we triggered the front door alert, he heard intruder alert arm yourself :slight_smile: I may have planned that. He got a kick out of it though


I can’t get it to work but it’s probably me. I’ll try again tomorrow. If you miss one step, you’re nailed? I’m Note 8 with Pie. So frustrating.

more than likely its your trigger wording. it has to read exactly as the notification reads.

for instance, if you want it to notify for a person on a camera named garage, your Wyze notification ( the actual pop up box with the thumbnail might read “person detected on Garage.”

if you miss the word “on” it could mess up how it reads the notification and thus not trigger your custom sound.

when you are on your last step, the test, is it alerting the way you want it to?

I use a text to speech app that reads the wyze notifications aloud…

I don’t have to look at anything, the phone can stay in my pocket…

the wyze notifications already includes which camera is firing the alert

ie “motion detected on backyard cam at 9:45pm, check out alert video”. Or, “front door sensor detected motion at 9;45pm, check out the sensor video”

And a text to speech app works great for called ID, as well…
I love not having to look at my phone to determine who’s calling me… or figure out which ringtone I used for which contact… “Incoming call from: XYZ”

What’s the name of the app?

is that on IOS or android?

I use a couple of them…

on my phone, Galaxy S10, I use “enhanced caller ID”, which sadly is not available in the play store anymore …but as I know the app developer, I got the APK emailed to me…

the other one I use on my fire tablets, is called “speakify”…

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Any luck?

I figured I would give it a shot and see if I could find anything for IOS and as to be expected…the dictatorship at apple has it so locked down you are not going to find anything within their “allowed” environment. you would have to be jail broken for anything really. and even doing that these days is increasingly difficult and with its own risks…

time to jump ship. :angry: