Need help - Wyze Home Monitoring is spamming me about camera motion while im in HOME mode

I’m currently facing what might be a fun bug with the Wyze Home Monitoring / Wyze Security piece of the Wyze mobile app… Whenever I’m in HOME mode, Wyze is constantly spamming me with “warning” messages that a person/motion was detected on my camera. In the Wyze UI, its super frustrating because Wyze has given the customer the ability to select door/window and motion sensors to add as triggers for HOME/AWAY mode at the customers choice, but you CANNOT put cameras in this section. There is a separate section to add up to 5 camera(s) in Home Monitoring, and then what kinds of alerts you want to see for the cameras (motion/person/smoke&CO)…so I added just one camera (to test) into the Wyze Monitoring “Security Cameras” section, in order to function as part of my overall security system, and I selected “Push notifications” in this Security Cameras section as well.

Now, every time I go into “HOME” protection mode, I am spammed by Wyze “warning” messages as I walk by this camera. It is extremely intrusive to the point of where I can’t keep using the camera as part of Wyze Home Monitoring. I do not see anywhere, where I can tell the Wyze app to NOT show me notifications from this specific camera while I’m in “HOME” mode. Obviously, in AWAY mode, I would want to see everything that the camera can detect, in this particular room where I setup my camera.

It feels like at this point, based on the user-story/UI/functionality, that Wyze simply left-out important features that are allowing me to do what I need to do. I don’t understand why Wyze would allow customers to pick and choose which sensors for door/window & motion are allowed to be activated in EITHER the Home or Away modes, but customers can’t do the same with the Cameras that are added into Home Monitoring.

To try to work-around this issue, within the Wyze app, I went to the MONITORING tab, then within Home Monitoring Settings => Home Monitoring Rules => Monitoring Mode Trigger => I’ve created a rule that specifies the following: IF [HOME] (switches to Home mode) - DO [My cameras name] (turn off notifications) - WHEN Time (disabled). The rule is set to ENABLE currently. Also, all of my Wyze devices and app are up to date. This rule, unfortunately, does nothing, and I continue to get spammed really bad by motion alerts from this camera whenever I’m in HOME mode.

I already spoke with Wyze chat support and asked if they could recreate the issue perhaps with their own sandbox setup, but they refused to answer that question, and said they couldnt fix or figure this issue out, from the chat-support side of things, so they were opening and escalating a ticket for me. It’s been 4 days so far and no reply from Wyze support (but I did get an email with a ticket number, so I know there’s a ticket open for this).

I’m hoping that maybe someone in the community can verify my sanity and confirm that this is a problem for them as well (or maybe try to recreate the issue), or perhaps someone already knows a fix or work-around (aside from just disabling/removing my camera from Home Monitoring entirely, or moving the camera to where it wont see me moving around while I’m in HOME mode…because thats not a good solution for me)

Thanks in advance!

You are correct in your description of the functionality of the cam integration into the HMS as Security Cams.

The Security Cams, and the corresponding Push Notifications from the HMS, are On Duty when the system is Armed to either Home or Away. The system currently lacks the capability to designate cams On Duty for each of the Armed states seperately.

I took a quick look at the #wishlist and did not find a topic that would match this request. I would suggest submitting a new thread in the #wishlist category asking that this feature be added.

Because the rule you set is turning off Cam Notifications and not HMS Security Notifications, you are still getting the Push Notifications from the HMS while the Cam Notifications are off. The only way to silence the HMS Notifications while in Home mode currently is to remove the cam from the Security Cams section or modify the rule to turn the cam Off while in Home mode. Neither is an adequate solution.

However, I have found that the Security Cam integration into the HMS adds no additional functionality to the cam. The cams already have the same AI detection and notification capability native to the cam features with Cam Plus. Adding a Cam Plus Cam to the HMS as a Security Cam just produces redundant notifications.

Another request that can be made is to add a post to the #wishlist thread below asking for the HMS Security Cam Push Notification Toggles to be added as Actions within the Wyze Rules.


Thank you for your time and fast reply!

I will post something on the wishlist.

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Been more than a week and Wyze still hasnt approved my wishlist item post lol…cant even ask or vote for it…

I’ll take a look at your submission and reply back within the hour…

Edit: Please remember to vote for your own wishlist topic: