Notifications On/Off Triggered by Wyze monitoring status

My apologies is this is an easy solve, I just haven’t found it yet!

Does anyone know if it’s possible to turn camera/person notifications on and off based on the status of my Wyze monitoring system?

For example, when I’m home, I don’t need notifications on when I’m home, but when I arm my home monitoring system, I’d like the notifications to turn back on.

Anyone have any thought?

I don’t think there is a way to do this directly right now, at least not with Wyze App rules. It has been requested though, I highly suggest voting on it in this wishlist:

One thing you might be able to do currently or soon is to tie notifications on or off to be based on geofencing. I can’t remember if this is fully available to everyone now or just being beta tested and will SOON be available to everyone, but I think it is available to everyone in a pilot type of stage.

Click on Add rule (the plus sign on the home page), then the bottom choice should be “Location Trigger” (if it’s not there, it means it is still in beta testing and will hopefully be an option soon), then fill out the details and you can set it up to mute notifications when you are home, and unmute notifications when you leave home. That will basically accomplish what you are looking for and make it automated.
Wyze said they are also working on making the geofencing be able to take multiple people into account at a time soon…so soon you may be able to tell it if anyone is home, leave things muted and if everyone is gone unmute notifications. That will be cool.