Home Monitoring Turn on Wyze Devices

Ok so I’ve been slowly working on the Home Monitoring system to transition away from my existing wired system. I have several interior cameras on Wyze smart switches. I leave them off unless I leave my home. I know I can turn the cameras on and off within the camera itself, but I like having them on the switches so I can reset remotely. I have tried to set up a routine in the Alexa world to turn them on when I leave, but it has to be done with the Alexa monitoring routine, Alexa can’t use the Wyze Home Monitoring as a trigger. I would think that within the Wyze world, it could recognize home monitoring enabled as a trigger to turn on Wyze devices. If it’s there I sure can’t find it. I’m just trying to eliminate multiple steps. In other words when I set my Wyze Home Monitoring to Away I want my cameras to come on, then when I set it to Home I want them to turn off. Anybody have any ideas?

No way to do that currently with the Wyze HMS. In the beta app there is an option you can use to sort of geo-fence the camera and plugs, but not HMS.

Well that is very disappointing, there are so many reasons to use the monitoring as a trigger for other events.

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Yes, many have expressed similar dissatisfaction with many aspects of the system. Seems to be in its infancy with many missing or disappointing features. One of many reasons mine remains in perpetual test mode.

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