Wyze notifications only when system is armed?

I’m getting a lot of notifications from my sensors. Is there a way to only receive notifications when my system is armed? Thanks

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No. Unfortunately the notification settings for your sensors are completely independent of the disarmed\home\away status. The HMS armed status cannot be used as a trigger for any rule.

That said, you can create a rule to turn off notifications for those sensors, but you would need to manually trigger that rule and another to turn them back on.

My suggestion, just turn them off. If you have a sensor that is set to “on duty” while in home or away, it will set off the alarm if tripped and you will get an alarm notification, a text from Noonlight, a call from Noonlight, and a visit\call from the police if you don’t shut it off.

Hope this helps!

Where do I have to go to put the sensors into “on duty” / I couldn’t find it/ thanks

At the bottom of the monitoring tab, click home monitoring settings.

Then click home and away.

Highlight the home or the away and then click add to add on duty sensors to set off the alarm. Each can have a different on duty sensor set.

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Thanks a lot!!

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You are welcome! Just got home from a day out on the highways and byways, wanted to give you a little more info. There are many tweaks and adjustments that you can make to the hub and system hidden away in the settings. Here is a link to the Home Monitoring Knowledge Base Wyze has put together. How To’s and whatnot. Also a long list of Frequently Asked Questions (79) and Troubleshooting Tips. Might help you get the most out of your system!

Good luck! Be Safe and Well!


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Outstanding!! I appreciate it

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