Motion Notifications - V2 Cams - Android App 2.8.24

For over a month now, I have stopped getting pop-up notifications on my Android phone when Motion is detected by my two V2 Cams.

I see them under the Events tab in the tab, but not via pop-up notifications.
I checked under my Phones Notification settings and Wyze App is not blocked.
I checked under the settings of each V2 and the Send Notifications Radio Button is truned ON, include all 3 under it (Person, All Other Motion, Sound)

I even upgraded the firmware of one of them, to the version that removes the Person Detection i.e v4.9.5.98

This has happened before when I got a new second V2 cam and last time Help Desk chalked it upto defective hardware.
I don’t think it is the hardware. It was working fine all along. It is not the App either, because the same old app I had before worked fine. To rule out App and Firmware, I updated both and still don’t get it.
It makes pro-active monitoring when motion is detected impossible and that was one of the benefits.

I have seen no systemwide issue Notification from Wyze on this via email or here, so what is going on. Please don’t break things that are working when you add new features, especially to stuff that is on the backend and out of users control.

When I have had similar issues I found I had to power cycle each camera ( unplug it, wait 5 seconds, plug it back in ) then force close and restart the app. This seemed to restore the notifications. Not sure what the root cause is however.

Tried, no luck

Did you check if overall notifications from Wyze are enabled? Either with the bell icon in the home of the app, or in the app settings. That’s different from the camera-specific settings you were talking about.
If that’s also enabled, make sure that you whitelisted the Wyze app in all battery optimization features of your phone, to avoid having your phone killing the app in the background.
Let me know if that solves the problem.


You are my hero. That was it, the bell icon. This is so confusing. I do not ever recall messing with that.

How I wish now I did not upgrade firmware on one of them and lost person detection.


You could sign up for the beta and add yourself to the whitelist


I think you marked as solution your message, rather than mine :sweat_smile:

To correct @Drift, that link doesn’t automatically add you to the whitelist, it puts you in line to be added to the whitelist. Some people had the new Cloud AI person detection enabled already, but only a minority. I’m still waiting for instance .

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