Watch 44 Fails

My watch finally arrived. It doesn’t do anything that I can see. It appears the notifications don’t work with Google calls and messages. My Fitbit goes crazy with messages and the Wyze remains silent, for example. At the moment its step tracking is 1400 steps below the Fitbit. I’m wearing them side by side to make the test equal. I haven’t figured out the trick to changing the watchband so I invited some neighbors to try but no one could do it. I assume it is something with the slide not sliding. Am I doing something wrong or is the watch a dud?

As far as notifications, there’s a few frustrations:

  1. If you have an Android phone, there are some settings/permission that you have to change that Wyze did not provide a walk through for.
  1. Apps not directly supported that appear in other also show as other in the notifications.

  2. notifications are clunky and sometimes cut off. If you go to the notification screen, it defaults to the bottom where the clear/delete button is. There are more notifications if you scroll up. This should really be reversed, to start at the top and not the bottom. It’s too easy to think you only have 1 notification as you’re at the bottom where you can remove them.

Also the weather has an issue with the high and low for ‘today’, but the current temp and upcoming forecast high and low appear to be accurate.

The screen on time is too short, in my opinion, and I wish it could be customized.

Can’t rearrange the apps. Ideally, I’d like weather to be at the top/main app screen.

The heart and oxygen monitors do appear to be accurate based on my observations.

I can’t give an opinion on the step counter as I don’t really pay attention to it or have much of a use for it personally.

I do like it, and my past experience with Wyze is a positive one for the most part. I know improvements will be forthcoming, but it takes time as it was a pre-order to Guage interest.

And the watch band is a standard 22 mm. You should be able to slide the pin and pull a bit. It was tricky the first time I tried. After a couple of times of switching out bands, it’s gotten a bit easier.

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Thanks for that info. Notifications from yesterday showed up this morning! I checked and I don’t have two Wyze apps listed on my phone anywhere. It varies from phone to phone, even within the same brand, for everything.

Yes, heart and oxygen monitoring agree with other devices so I assume they are accurate. My health insurance gets cranky if I don’t measure my steps.

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It’s not two different Wyze apps, it’s 2 different permissiona/special access. For some reason Wyze is listed twice, rather than just once. It took some poking around to find it, but I posted a walk through on how to find that specific setting on stock Android 11 (and other people commented with where they found it since manufacturers can ‘skin’ the Android OS and the settings are found elsewhere).

I didn’t have issues getting text and phone notifications, but I did have issues getting all other notifications until I poked around in my phone settings and did some digging in other user forums like reddit.

Wyze is pretty good about working to improve and fix things, but it has been slower going since the pandemic (understandably).

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