Wyze Watch 47 - Notifications

Make sure Do Not Disturb is not turned on. I set mine up and got a couple of notifications and then nothing. I reset everything and rebooted my phone still nothing. Then I started looking around and found that DND was on. My question is: Why does every notification say “Others”?

I’ve done that

DND is not on… As i’m able to get every other notification.

Ok I didn’t notice that.

I have the same problem with my watch 47 I don’t receive any notifications and calls or messages

if you are Android, @towelkingdom has a great topic on how to get notifications. Here is the link:

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And make sure when you are turning features ON you TAP, not slide the button. Sliding didn’t work. It would change momentarily but if you go out and come back the feature (like Text Message under Notification) would be off.

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I have iOS ???

These are my settings on iOS

I am also trying to find a Forum Topic as there is another setting, I think.

I have been working with tech support and I am ONLY not receiving text notifications. They said they plan to address this in an upcoming firmware update. Frustrating to say the least as this is the primary notification that I would want.

I agree. I get continual notifications. Are you part of the Beta Testing Group? Mine may work better because I am.

If not, you can sign up by going here: Become a Beta Tester – Wyze and follow the steps.

When you get the beta app, start the app, go to the Account tab, the about. You will see a Beta Program Link, tap on that then Edit in the top right. you can select any devices you want the Beta Firmware for there. Once selected, click save, then go to the Firmware Update menu under account and see if there are any updates. Or you can go into the Device itself and you may be prompted to install new Firmware. If not go to the Device Info area and tap on Firmware to check for an update.

Just something else to try if you would like.

I get alerts from Wyze, EMails, Text Messages, Phone calls, My Wifi Router.

My Android Beta App is: 2.20.50
My Watch FW is: 0.12.43

Here are my selected Notifications:

Note: I have Text Messages turned off as I have Messages selected in the Other Application area.

Yup, IOS app looks a little different. I will however uncheck the text messages as I do have other messages selected just to see. In other messages there is no breakdown. If this doesn’t work I will try beta.

Sounds like a plan. Just so you know, I have been running beta releases for sometime now. Although there is a risk, I have yet to have an issue which could not be overcome – Knock on wood. :slight_smile:

@R.Good did you pair your Wyze Watch 47 with your iPhone? or is it still paired with your Android? Curious if you are getting notifications to assist @ryan_toney as well,

I have signed up for Beta and checked for an update and I am at current. Probably because they just released an update last week.

With iOS, when using the Test Flight, the updates may be a little lagging. there is a current Beta release.

However, you should be able to go to the Current app, Account area, then about and see if Beta Program is listed. If it is, select it then choose edit and select the watch FW update. you can also select other devices FW beta updates

Yup, hopefully just lagging. Current is 12.43 and not showing any updates yet.

Probably a stupid question, did you go to the TestFlight app on your iOS Device and install the test version of the app?

Note: the current watch FW version is 12.43, that is what I am using. The App may need to be updated.

Here is what I see there:

Yes, that is what I have done. This has also changed the app title to Wyze beta. No stupid questions if it gets this to work. So far no luck. They have offered to allow me to return the watch. I will see if I can exchange it.

Yea, If they are willing to exchange, I would do that. it should work. I have not paired mine to my iOS device as my daily driver is Android. But I know a few other forum members who may have. I will reach out to them and see.

Nothing with my iPhone