Not all notifications work on wyze watch

THANK YOU!! This worked perfectly on my Pixel 3.

Happy to help! Glad to hear it helped someone else!

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I also do not receive notifications for my texts, iPhone 11. Need a fix!


If you allow your iMessages to be previewed on the phone it will appear on your watch


Thanks that fixed it!!

Hello, Thanks for the help mine is work now.

Worked for my Pixel 2xl…thanks!

Thank You! It worked.

The special apps access worked on Google Pixel 5. I almost stopped wearing my watch because of this. Glad I checked the forums again today. After toggling both of the wyze notifications on i’ve been getting everything I expected.

Thank you!

Had my Wyze watch for weeks and it was driving me nuts why it wasn’t notifying me even though I had turned everything else on. It was that special app access. Pixel 3a phone.

Thanks again!

THIS is the solution! THANKS

REF: If you allow your iMessages to be PREVIEWED on the iPhone it will appear on your watch!!!

I was getting the notifications but no vibration and no display. If I swiped down I could see the message/phone call etc. I checked the ‘Do Not Disturb’ on the phone but just noticed there was a ‘Do Not Disturb’ on the watch itself. After turning that off, now I get the vibration, and the message/phone call, etc now displays on the watch face. I’m using a Pixel 3XL. When it works, it’s a great thing!

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Thank you for the fix for Android. I don’t understand why Wyze support didn’t/couldn’t help with this. I opened a ticket weeks ago. All they did was tell me to send the logs. I haven’t heard back from them since.

I get the waze app messages messenger and Gmail but not texts please help I’m on an s21 and I can’t see texts from my family

Welcome to the community @Andrewcooke . I am a community Member as well and provide assistance as needed.

@towelkingdom provided a great writeup on how to get notification on the Wyze Watches. Here is the link

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Thanks a ton this fixed the problem

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How do I do this on my android s21 please help

I stopped using my Wyze watch as I found it useless. Until it updates where I can see camera feed on it, it’s of no use to me.

Thank you. I spent a full hour trying to reset in the wyze band settings notifications and phone settings with no luck, Even though Text notifications were tuned on, the band notifications were not functioning. It was your suggestion to go to “other apps” that fixed the issue.

In the past, Wyze text notifications on my Wyze Watch 47 version 0.12.49 worked as follows: there was an alert and it showed the caller and maybe a line of information. However, for the past year or so, under Android 12 and now 13, there is still an alert when I get a text message but all it says is “one unread message.” No other information at all.

App permissions are granted to Wyze for notifications and it’s running in the background (on the battery settings). The phone is a OnePlus 8t. Do not disturb is not enabled on the watch.