Watch 47 Notifications Issue

I have had my watch now for about a week. I receive notifications for text messages but nothing else. I have notifications enabled on my phone for Wyze, Gmail, Calendar, Weather, etc. I have the same aps enabled in the Wyze ap. I am getting notifications on my phone but none but texts on the watch. Phone is a Samsung Galaxy J3. What am I missing?

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I set my Wyze Watch 47 up last night and I’m having mixed issues with notifications. I receive all text notifications from everyone but my wife. Not sure if that’s by design, I appreciate the respite sometimes, but she didn’t find the humor. We are both using Samsung S21 models on T-mobile network. The bizarre thing is my co workers text notifications come through, he uses a Note 20 Ultra. I initially thought it was a Samsung Messaging issue but I’ve received notifications from an S9 through a S21 Ultra, just not my wife’s S21.

I sent Wyze a ticket but don’t expect much as tech support and customer support in general has been lacking lately. I’m hoping a future firmware update corrects it or I can just strap my G-Shock back on.

I just received my 47 and I don’t see a lot I would be able to use it for. I only purchased it to control my Stereo by bluetooth. The song playing did show up on the watch but there was no way to change songs or control the volume.I have no intent for any of the fitness apps on it. I did add my grandsons picture to the watch. Maybe there will be a firmware update to make it able to control a stereo and reply to text or facebook in the future. But it is a nice looking watch with a really clear screen.Its a good start but needs to be customizable as to what the customers needs are.

Hmmm, sounds like a different problem than what i had. I was only getting standard SMS at first. Found that both wyze apps needed to have notification permission access in the phone settings itself for everything else to work.

I have both turned on and get notifications from almost every app I select and all people, except my wife. It is really weird.

I can’t be 100% sure but it seems the text notifications I don’t receive are all on the T-mobile network.

I’m having a similar issue where I don’t get all the texts notification. Sometimes my watch vibrates and sometimes it doesn’t but mostly doesn’t. My Wyze band works really good. I don’t know…

This is EXACT same issue I am having with Wyze watch 47mm. Here is the situation:

T-Mobile users (2 of them) with Samsung S21. Send message to my phone (LG) and watch does NOT display notification.

AT&T users, IPhone users, even the phone sending messages to itself, all are successful.

Just no notifications on watch if text came from S21 and TMobile. Probably just because an S21 but dont know anyone with S21 on different carrier.

So I found out group texts won’t come thru. Only texts from a single person. Group texts come in as MMS. The ironic thing is, most people do group texts now a days. Wyze needs to do a software update to recognize MMS along with SMS texts.

Just fyi, the text to me were from single person to me. I wonder if s21 tmobile text all go as MMS.

Thanks for update.


Hmmmm…I’ve had my Watch 47 for about a week now and was at first disappointed that it did not receive texts and phone notifications. It took some work but it might be working now…maybe. Interesting that I too have a S21 on T-Mobile…though can’t believe that could be part of any trouble receiving the notifications…I’m still evaluating.
But here’s something that I think is missing on this watch…a “leash”. This is one of my favorite features on my “Amazfit Bip” watch and something that should be very easy to incorporate with a firmware update. Although the Wyze Watch has the “find my watch” (which I feel is worthless) feature, it doesn’t have a find my phone or a “leash”. The leash is a super feature where the watch alerts you if it loses the bluetooth connection. So I get a vibration alert if I walk off and leave my phone in the car…or leave my phone on the table at a restaurant. I have found this feature to be invaluable and may determine if I even use my new Wyze Watch. I don’t like unintentionally walking away from my phone! Thoughts?

Good News! After the April 28 firmware update and updating the Wyze ap 2.19.15 I started getting notifications from Gmail and Accuweather. I don’t seem to be getting all the notifications that appear on my phone, but its definately a step in the right direction.
Remaining issue:

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We need some way to calibrate the distance data that shows under Sports/Run, mine is about 20% low.

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I should be able to wake the watch by touching the screen rather than pushing the button since its response to wrist motion only works half the time (at best).

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There should be an option to make Heart Rate really continuous. I shouldn’t have to wait ~10 seconds to get a heart rate reading.

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The watch should remember any Custom Timer, so if you frequently want a 30 second timer you don’t have to reset it each time.

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I like the default watch face that you see before you choose from lame set of options. If you can’t offer some options that look more like a watch, at least make the default option available to anyone wanting to add a picture background.

I have an s20+. I also have a Wyze Band and that one seems to work with single and group texts. I was hoping the latest update would’ve corrected it but no joy. Keep hoping…

So here’s a wierd one now. I just installed a Wyze doorbell. After finishing that up I went into notifications so I can try to get notifications on my Wyze watch when motion is triggered from my Wyze doorbell and now, magically, my Wyze watch is vibrating with group texts. I don’t know what changed but it appears to be working completely now. I don’t get it.

Somehow I’m having the same issue, my wife and I both have S20’s… I get notifications for everyone’s text but hers. We’re on T-mobile too…