Wyze Watch 47 Notification question

Hi. My wyze watch 47mm is working great, just had a question in regards to the notification. Is there a way to not show the content of the message for example a text message? I would like to still get alerted that I have a text message.

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There is no way to customize the notifications at this point. The “Other Notifications” that come through are hit or miss in what info comes across, no consistency. Hopefully this is one of the area they work on improving.

That’s what I have been noticing as well,

This doesn’t make a lot of sense. Notifications like “Google hangouts” came through just fine on the Wyze band but not on the Wyze Watch 47. I get alerted that a hangout chat arrived and who its from, but not the content.

My text messages (SMS) are coming through normally now.

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I did not have a Wyze Band, but what I’m gathering from around the forum is that Wyze Watch is probably a completely different OS. @WyzeGwendolyn can you confirm?

Hope that Wyze adds some more functionality in future updates.

Update here. My WyzeBeta app just updated and pushed a firmware update to the watch. Notifications are working better now. It appears group hangout notification confuse the watch a bit but this is a big improvement!

@eric4 did you happen to grant any additional permissions aside from the suggested battery optimization features being turned off?

@ThisJustn Honestly, I’m not sure. A few changes occurred that made everything work. The biggest change I think was the app update from Wyze. I also noticed that under Settings → Apps & Notifications → Advanced → Special App Access → Notification Access, there were two WyzeBeta apps listed. I made sure both were allowed to send notifications. No idea which one fixed the problem for me.

I also installed the Beta version after seeing your post (didn’t realize I hadn’t already signed up for the beta), and also see two apps listed in notification access. However, I only have 1 enabled. I notice that occasionally I get two notifications on the watch for a single one on my phone. Not every app, not all the time. Very sporadic.

@bjbeier I noticed the double listing of wyze as well, Enabled both and now my notifications are working. They can still be sporadic, or showing a list of emails every new notification for gmail specifically, but it’s a start.

On Android, These are the permissions which got set after adding the watvch:


Slightly off topic but related, does the watch preview images that come in via text?

I’ve had the watch for about a week now and so far, no. The watch notification says “Image” but doesn’t show you the picture.

Dang. I hope they add that feature in as it is the biggest letdown in most budget bands.