Wyze Watch not showing notifications

Hi everybody! I received my new Wyze Watch today, but after I set it up, it’s not showing my notifications. I still have my Wyze Band paired to my phone, and it’s showing notifications without any issues- has anyone else had this problem? I’m hoping I won’t have to delete my Wyze Band from my account in order to receive notifications on it.

Ok it looks like notifications are coming in now, and I didn’t have to delete my band from my account! I think I just needed to give it some time to sync.

Can anyone show us what some of the notifications (text, email, facebook, whatever) look like?

I’m having the same issue as @duncancheg. I waited a couple days hoping that it would start working, but I’m still not getting notifications from Messages, Gmail, Calendar, Slack, or Hangouts. I also enabled these apps hoping that it might help: Text Message (different from Messages), Google, Phone (different from Phone Call.

So far, only Phone and Duo notifications show up, with a button to dismiss the call.

Any ideas how to get notifications working?

I am seeing the same issue as @krisapaulsen and @duncanheg. My Wyze Band will vibrate off my desk and I get no notifications on the watch at all.

I have enabled every app I can think of in the list. I am not even getting notifications from the Wyze app regarding cameras and sensors.