Wyze Band Notification Issue

My Wyze Band suddenly stopped showing any notifications. None of the settings have changed. Firmware is up to date. Anyone else experiencing this?

I had it happen this morning. Been awhile since it happened last. Both the watches and the Band can lose contact. Don’t know why, but if you restart the Band under it’s local settings, all will resume.

Well, usually. I haven’t had to do this for a VERY long time, but if that doesn’t work try restarting your phone.

You can send a log in before you restart if you like. That may help the Developers get a handle on whatever is wrong.

Thanks for the reply.

I rebooted the band, but it still wouldn’t connect to my android phone. I attempted to remove the device from the app, but it seems that it needs to be connected to the device to be able to do that. I also removed the app from the phone and just add the devices back. That didn’t work because all device were still present after it was reinstalled.

I sent a log to the support team.

I finally was able to remove the device, but using another phone. The band was reset to factory defaults and I went through and set everything up again. I can get all other notifications BUT text which was the original problem. I’ve double checked everything on the app and on the phone setting for the band to receive text notifications. Still unsuccessful.