WYZE Band Notifications Keep Disabling By Itself

Is anyone else having trouble with the WYZE Band disabling notifications on a regular basis? I noticed I wasn’t getting notifications and went to settings in the WYZE app under notifications and “Allow Notifications on Band” was turned off. I turn it on and I receive notifications all day. Next day I realize I’m not receiving them again. Go back to settings and find it off again. The cycle has been repeating for days. Any ideas? I’m using an Iphone 11 Pro

I haven’t seen this issue on my Android. Are the Band FW and Wyze app up to date?

I would report this issue to Wyze Support if you haven’t already.

Open the Wyze app go to Wyze Band > top right ( … ) > Report an Issue > Submit a Log

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Ive submitted a log over a week ago. Still happens on a daily basis. Hope there is a fix soon

I am still having this issue. Has anyone seen a fix for it?

Same issue for iPhone. Looks like have to turn on daily.

Is there anyway to automate turning on the notifications since the app seems to turn them off everyday?