Wyze band and wyze watch not geting text notifications and will not sync sence update

update has now made my watches usless for daily use i get wyze notifications but thats all and will not sync i have tryed to remove and reset my wyze band and now can not get it to add back to my phone just get sync fail in app.

My watch 47 is working like a champ on on android 7.1. Just sync’ed this morning


Try restarting your phone, charge the watch all the way, uninstall and reinstall the Wyze app.

how to get update not on google play

@WyzeJasonJ what was the Android setting that fixes Bluetooth stuff? Thx

dont know yet still cant get my band to work

On Android 12 there was a new permission added called ‘Nearby devices’, this needs to be set to allow.

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android 7.1.1

I have all the setting correct and I am still not getting text notifications on my Samsung S21. This happened around the same time as the last app update. All other notifications work but not text messages. Frustrating.


Im in same with you after app upgrade. :frowning:

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new update still no change band will not even pair have tried everything no idea

See problem here. Any updates?

no update think we have been blown off. both of my watches are paperweights even got a new phone same problem very upset

Same have two different watches running off two different android phones. Neither work for notifications. Reset both and same issue. Have made sure all settings are in sync. This is so frustrating.

Same problem for me
Samsung Note 20 5G
All notifications coming to my watch except text messages

My watch is sync and gets calls but just stopped getting all notifications. I restarted, uninstalled factory reset, and charged my watch but still cant get text messages on it.

was told the band watch was end of life they do not support it no more

I just talked to customer support a few minutes ago as I was looking for a replacement wrist band for mine. And I learned the product was discontinued. (The support page link goes into never-never land).

I wish WYZE would have informed their customers they were going to do this so we could at least buy the one part that is guaranteed to wear out!

Kind of disappointing, but this product was kind of a dog from the start and they stopped providing any kind of software updates a long time ago. I guess I just have another piece of useless electronic junk in my collection now. Sigh…

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I just installed Messages by Google, changed that to my default messages app and then added that to my notifications and that fixed the problem.

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I have a phone on android 8 that will not even start to search for the band. Radar will not spin. But my android 12 has no issue finding, adding, sync and notifications. I have every setting I can find in phone turned on in the android 8. Latest version of app. I have a different phone on android 9 and it does the same as the 8. Only android 12 works… I know they see the Bluetooth because if I turn Bluetooth off it ask to turn on.