Any CONCISE list of what to do to get notifications on a 47 watch?

I’ve a Samsung A20 with android 10. Beta Android Wyze version 2.19.14, Wyze watch 0.12.43.

I’ve spent hours perusing threads trying to get notifications to work.
Is there any CONCISE thread where someone has summarized all the steps to take?
For instance I couldn’t get
Watch 47–> Notification---->(any selection) to stick, then I read today TAP, don’t slide the button.
There’s got to be a lot more info spread among all the threads but it’s frustrating trying to find a checklist.

There’s a few threads floating around that have some information. Here’s one I wrote, step by step with screenshots, to enable the additional special access settings required for notifications to work on Android (specifically stock Android 11).

Note: if you are able to search the settings on your phone, you can search for special access and it should take you to it/show it in the search results.

Also; the comments section under this post has a lot of great info:


Thanks. Your threads have been VERY helpful. Love the screenshots.
I’m finally getting notifications from my cameras.
One thing that seems to have been holding me up was the TAP versus SLIDE.


Yeah, I saw that somewhere. It’s weird that you can’t slide.

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