Wyze Band: Display time 'always'

I propose an option to allow the time to display without moving your arm.
There are times I would like to ‘quick glace’ at my band to see the time and it would not be condusive to move my whole arm…such as driving, in a meeting, typing this message, etc.

  • Since the screen is AMOLED, I propose a mode without a picture to conserve power. Just a configurable brightess/color with a time only option (could show the pic if you wish as well).
  • Allow Time, Time and Date, Time and Date and Pic
  • Allow schedule of this option. Ex: wake alarm till sleep, always, when awake, or time range
  • Allow configurable brightness to help with power
  • Allow configurable font/size to help with power
  • Allow ‘show battery’ on this mode

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Those are good suggestions. Display time “always” might take a hit on battery life though.

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yeah I like those suggestions, I have always on time on both my android phones, I wouldn’t mind the battery hit

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I also would like an always on option and/or a way to increase the duration of the display. Currently the display is on for such a short time I often have to repeatedly re-tap to read the full message.

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On that first bullet point: what I did was create an image that is entirely black and then used the app to select that as the background. Since AMOLEDs don’t use energy to display “black,” that should work to reduce battery consumption a bit.
(Also, it just isn’t to my taste to display meaningless colorful stuff on a watch face. :slight_smile: )