Wyze watch 47 one year anniversary

So it’s coming up on 1 year since the last firmware upgrade!!! Can we slow down on the hundred other things released since then and add something new to the watch?!?!?

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If you have some good ideas of things to add to the watch, consider voting on them on the wishlist, and if they don’t already exist in the wishlist, submit a new request for it:

The VP of Product recently said that Wyze reviews the wishlist weekly, and they often use that for ideas and to see what people are most interested in.

He also said he has started to push Wyze away from many product options to now focus things on “Cameras, Comfort, and Control”…and he has started rejected many other product proposals now to keep the focus on those things instead of being so broad.

Though he did indicate Watches will be one of the types of products they’re going slow down on as they’re considered “Fashion accessories” in a very complicated and crowded market for them to make big traction in.

So at this point, if you get enough people to vote on specific new features for the watch, they’ll consider it, but that’s probably the best way…show that new features have a lot of support and popular request through wishlist votes and discussion there.