Is this device even supported anymore?

I’m really disappointed in buying anything from these folks. It seems they’re like most Chinese manufacturing companies that just pump as much crap out as they can then drop support for anything.

Seriously what is the deal? How hard is it to make some actual watch faces that we can use? Date/Time/Steps/HR. Keep it simple… BUT GIVE IT TO US ALREADY! Or give us an option to upload our own!

This lack of support is just dumb. There are tons of mainstream apps but all the dang alerts say “other”. How hard is it to code an app description like “messenger”? Or instead of other group them into categories that are know, like gmail, outlook, etc. Put them in the group “email”. Do something thats productive maybe?

Fix what you have already and stop pumping out e-waste garbage you have no intention of supporting! Or at the least, tell us you can’t support it and we’ll all go F-off already & buy a Samsung!

Myself and others are over it. Do something already please!

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I don’t have one of these myself, at least not yet, so pardon my ignorance on anything I don’t understand with these. I just wanted to share the following:

For the watch Faces, there is a guy on Wyze Discord Server, User: Revo#2354 who LOVES to make people custom watch faces by request, and I believe he even started hosting a bunch of them on a free website. Lots of people ask him to make them, customize and change them a little and he’s been pretty accommodating.

As for Wyze’s future intentions with the Watch, I am not intending to speak for or on behalf of Wyze in anyway, but the Wyze VP of product recently said this in an AMA this summer related to things like the watch:

Please note, to be clear, the Wyze watch is still officially supported, and is not listed as EOL (End of Life), so I am not in any way implying anything specific about the current watches since they are still an active product.

But as suggested here, Wyze had already announced their intention to reduce bringing out very many future products that aren’t directly related to Cameras, Comfort, and Home Connectivity. The VP also discussed in the same AMA that it has been his intention to “raise the bar on product quality,” specifically with their core products. They released TONS of stuff in 2021, but I noticed that in 2022 they started switching back to keeping things within their core of Cameras, Comfort, and Connected home again. There weren’t vacuums, night lights, Wyze cars, floor lamps, etc. like there were in 2021. The VP has been shifting the priorities and revising things. It would be great to see some of that get moved to adding new features to things like the Wyze watch, but I don’t have specific info on that.

On the bright side, with the VP saying he’s going to avoid producing future lifestyle products (new watch models, etc), it means that Wyze doesn’t have plans to replace the current watches with an updated newer model, so they’re likely to extend the life/support of these for longer since they’re probably going to be the last watches they consider for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, just wanted to share some info I had. Like I said, I don’t speak for or represent Wyze, I just keep track of things that have been said publicly related to various things. It would be nice if the VP’s new goals for raising the bar on quality leads to them providing a few new updates on the watch as requested.


I agree , the watch face doesn’t offer much information.

The only watch face that offers any other information is the electron faces , it shows the steps , calories burned, and BPM. Below it is just the day and date of the month.

No other watch face offers any other information

For me I would like to have a watch face that shows; am/pm, battery life, the date with month/year, steps and BPM.

All of that information should be all on the watch face instead of having to turn on the watch face , swipe up and then find out the battery percentage and have to find out the other info you want.