Band Production Disappointment

I’m so disappointed that Wyze is no longer going to produce the Band. For those of us that like a smaller more sleek device, this was the better pick over a larger watch. I really wish Wyze would reconsider.

I agree with you however it is obvious that although Wyze says it is not an “end of life” product something that has not received any firmware updates or security updates since 2020 is basically dead.

It was a great product but it is extremely obvious Wyze has no intentions of supporting products that provided them the means to get establish.

At some point Wyze will realize that just as they developed products as a means to an end (aka $$$$$) their customers will also feel they are tired of being used and now have products that are not being supported and have reached their end of life with Wyze products,

Rest in Peace Wyze Band you are/were a fantastic product that your maker gave up on.

“The products that established Wyze” Are the only products that I am interested in.

The Wyze Cams :exclamation:

Not interested in any other products they offer at all.
There are many real contenders for any of those products .

If the only wyze products that you are interested in are wyze cams, why are you wasting your time posting in a non-wyze cam product thread for a product you don’t own and are not interested in?

Because these “other products” are what screwing up the App 95% of the time!

The App worked great when it was just cams, but since Wyze adds more junk faster than they can fix the bugs they create by adding the “new products” I do speak up.

Be great if they had a Wyze lite App that just catered to those of us “core supporters” that bought in to their original concept.

Not the new Wyze that throws junk out faster than they make a stable application to support it ALL

Wyze has said they are focusing their resources to smart stuff and cameras. The band will still get bug fixes and security patches, but no new feature updates.

Are smart watches considered to be smart stuff?

They don’t really integrate into other things as much as Wyze would like, and they had trouble “disrupting that market” since there are already so many other budget smart watches.

So what you are saying is that wyze shouldn’t market their watch as a smart watch. Even though it has most of the basic feature as all the other budget “smart” watches. And that I shouldn’t expect the watch or app to have any new enhancements because it is not smart enough.

Maybe this information needs to posted on amazon as a watch review.

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