Is the WYZE Band a "Dead Product"?

I am wondering if the product managers for each WYZE product move on to other products after a time and they just let the product die a slow death. Despite there being numerous documented issues with the WYZE Band, there has not been a new SW release in 4 months, and little, if any, discussion regarding the product (certainly not coming from WYZE).

I understand that people sometimes ask for things that a product is not capable of supporting due to physical limitations in the product display (e.g. battery level icons are not going to get bigger if they are fixed n the display and not bit mapped) as well as memory and processing limitations of the hardware.

But there should be room for improvement in the app side for the product in terms of displaying information, and even allowing exporting of data. Yet, we hear no communications or indication that WYZE is even considering working on these or other things for this product.

As someone who had a long career in high tech product management (now retired), I am left to conclude that this is just a dead product that will continue to be sold, but will not get resources applied to improve it. This is a business decision (especially if sales have been lackluster), but I would love to be proven wrong by WYZE.


It feels that way, I have a bug where my workouts won’t display, based on a thread with with number of other users we think due to my new wyze scale and multiple users. Anyway, flagged it to the wyze team and nothing. I guess they are focused on the watch now or so thing else (not the thermostat or vacuum based on my experience)

I personally don’t encourage people to buy it. I have reviews all over the internet and feedback to YouTube videos of people trying to give it a thumbs up. I made sure it was known. The vital part of purchase is giving a consumer instruction on using its features, accessibility and not just setting it up. Or not to have to go to a forums page and sit for hours sifting through replies. As soon as relief checks are deposited some is being spent on different company and security products.

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Now the darn thing stopped recording history on me! Kinda defeats the purpose of a fitness tracker, if it can’t track! I’ve put in a ticket, but no word so far on a fix.

I’ve not figured out how to submit a ticket yet, is it something I can up vote?

@eddyc Voting is for indicating interest in new features, not for reporting issues with current products.

To get support, go to

Mine stopped displaying history in the app. Syncing properly, but as of last Monday, if I go to the activity “tab” nothing is displayed. I know it is syncing cause the “heart tab” still shows for everyday. Guess it’s hammer time!

Yep, same as mine and been that way for about 2 months now! Rest the band and the phone and no joy.

I think it might be related to profiles, as my coincidentally stopped right around the time I got a scale and I added my wife.

Interesting cause I recently got the scale as well…hmmm. QA? QA?

it’s been all but abandoned, no updates/fixes in many many months. and now this breakage for everyone.

the monthly view might work for you guys. or the upstream data injest (Google fit). it is tracking the data just the weekly viewing panel is busted.

don’t bother with a support ticket, you’ll never get a response. calling is the only way to get support.

Ye, so moral of the story is don’t buy too many wyze products…

I was going to get the alarm but really questioning it right now for this very reason. No updates to the thermostat, the band and limited vacuum updates…

I’ll never buy another Wyze product again because of the Band experience. The support staff literally told me I should just try and get a refund on Amazon (even though I’m past my return window and Amazon only refers you to the company after that). That’s their support. The agent told me sending me a new Band wouldn’t help because the “engineers” are trying to make the firmware the app work. Abysmal. There literally isn’t a single feature advertised that works properly on the Wyze Band. I like the cameras I have, but won’t ever buy Wyze again.

I guess it’s good to not feel alone in my frustration with this product, but I’d rather just feel satisfaction.

Today, for the first time in almost a week some data is magically appearing again in the history for today. It doesn’t agree with the steps taken shown on either the watch or the application summary pages, but it is appearing. Will it continue? Will it catch up and report properly on the history page? I don’t know & given any information from them, I’m not convinced they know either.

let me just say this. In an era where being “genuine” with your customers and supporters is a thing, WYZE is missing the boat when their CEO communicates that they want to treat us like “friends”. Friends don’t ghost friends, except when they need something (you to buy more of their stuff). It started when they told us they never knew how much servers for recording camera events would cost, and asked us to start paying (bait and switch).
Now it’s products like the Band, which are unreliable and seemingly no longer supported. They must know this one is a dog.

I’m no longer convinced that paying a premium for WYZE SW on top of Chinese HW is worth it. Maybe just as well to buy the Chinese version without the “friend” in between. END OF RANT MODE

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