Wyze Watch And Wyze Band Abandoned?


I am just wondering if I am correct about the Wyze Watch and Wyze Band being abandoned and will not get any more updates, features that were said to be added that never were, bug fixes, or new versions?

So I and others can know so that we can be looking else where for replacements from another company.

My Wyze Watch is barely working, parts of the screen do not respond to touch, bugs / issues that were never fixed, the thing that holds the strap in place broke, et cetera.

If anyone has any recommended Budget smartwatches and smartbands by American companies, please do share the companies and / or products.

Thank you,
— John Jr

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I very much prefer Android Wear models, but they are all costly. For solid features and performance I might suggest the AmazFit / Zepp products. They are a better deal than the more no-name imports, and pretty nifty really.

I still wish they used Android Wear though.

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Thank you for sharing that Customer, Amazfit was at the top of my list, if I could not find an American company in the budget category; I am still hoping to find an American company if possible.

Sadly, I have never gotten to see or use an Android Wear device in real life, so far; you would think that would be a very popular operating system for watches / bands, like Android is for phones, since companies would not have to make their own operating system.

It is a shame that Wyze did not use it yet, and that it seems that they have given up in this category.

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If you are going to abandon the watch-47, then at least let the community have programing information.
There are a few enhancements that could be easily added via by software. Many of your users are capable of doing this.

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It would be nice if Wyze open sourced it or something, and / or if Wyze would support an existing open source smartwatch / smartband maker & team up with them to provide future Wyze Watches / Wyze Bands.