Wyze Watch 47 Back In Stock!

It’s time. Wyze Watch 47 is back in stock!

Our 47mm smartwatch is the perfect blend of style, durability, and light-weight comfort. Use it to track your fitness, measure health metrics, read your texts, and more from your wrist. :watch:


Better check the price on this, 5.99 USD is a typo.

Also pls see my DM to you regarding a O.12.41 firmware bug.


Currently have one in my cart but cannot get through the purchase process - it has a loading bar stuck on the shipping page.

Will keep trying!


was able to purchase through the Wyze app store (website still not working properly for me).

Yeah, I think she mentioned a couple of weeks ago that there was a bug where it would grab the cheapest SKU, which is the band in this case.

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Ummmm, the watch in the middle of the picture above “Water resistant” doesn’t even look like a Wyze 47 watch. It looks like an Apple iWatch, as there is a dial button in the top right. What’s the deal here??

Probably just another feature they are thinking of :slight_smile:


We have new images. Thanks, folks! :slight_smile:

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It’s not like I was waiting for this to happen…I’m lying, I was. Love my watch and this is another one for my wife.

can we buy additional charging cables?

I will pass on any new watches. I doubt they will fix or add any new features as they prefer to add new products at ligtning speed.
Wyze support is lacking with its current problems across all products AND they keep adding new products.

I just received the watch, unfortunately a bit too big if you have slim wrists. I do not understand why Wyze decided to go with such a big size, 44 is perfect, maybe 45 or even 46 would have been good. Ok i get maybe you guys wanted a bigger screen but the screen is not centered and it has a huge bezel at the bottom, so why choose to go with such a size and have noticeable bezels, especially that bottom one? It would have been a better choice to go with a 45mm and have a true full screen implementation with minimal bezels. I know you have the 44 available, but then i noticed that screen is just a little square smack in the middle which disappointed big time. I’m really rooting for you guys, i hope that perhaps on your next watch you make some much needed improvements and I will continue to support, thanks.