Wyze Watch 47mm Price Increase Coming Soon - 9/22/21

Hey there!

We just wanted to drop a quick note with an update on pricing. Due to the continued global increase of costs related to sourcing silicon and transporting goods, we will need to increase the price of Wyze Watch 47mm in a few days.

We have a bit of inventory left that we can sell through at the current $19.99 + shipping pricing, and then sales will be temporarily paused and brought back at the higher price. If you have been mulling over a potential Wyze Watch 47mm for yourself or a friend, please make your purchase before September 25th to lock in the best pricing!

— Your Friends at Wyze


When will the 44mm be available?

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Had it since the launch, functionality is great especially for the money but it’s sadly unusable the watch faces are honestly that bad. Looks like a Lisa Frank coloring book from the 90’s which is funny because there’s some professional leather bands for it.

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I agree the provided watch faces are hokey. But I put my favorite pics in there w/ a time overlay.
But :frowning:
Sleep function didn’t work
Alarm works
Timer is terrible
Steps are always wrong.
Messages were a pain to get working
Not bad for $20.00

So is the Wyze Watch 44 basically not a thing anymore?

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What’s this? Shipping cost?

The Watch is Useless to be Honest…44mm has Battery and Corrosion issues. My 47 is in the box so Wyze can sell it for $10…It’s not worth it the me.

My 44 battery lasts 2 weeks, so you should see about a replacement.

You can’t depend on the preview for a price. I don’t know why it is so hard for them to get it right there, but you need to call up the link to see the actual price.

Lol, agree. The watch faces are just fugly. Make the watch look cheap and childish. Please add some watch faces with a bit of taste and elegance.
Great product at a great price but look horrendous with the current offerings.

Actually I think that we will never see that second wave of watches at a higher price coming since reception on the 20 bucks deal has been so poor. They are just cleaning the warehouse.

True, but you can make your own face:

That’s just downright fugl…. Oh wait, that looks awesome! Wish I was there right now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


it’s a beach house we rented on the eastern shore of Oahu in Hawaii. That’s my sister and one of her friends on the beach. Good memory. :grinning:


Yeah but lacks a lot of the complications.
Seems like the can just add a few faces and significantly improve appeal

Any idea what the new price will be? Are we looking at like $25 or more? Maybe I should buy a spare before it goes up lol.

For anyone debating getting one, this watch does so much for $20! I went from a Samsung Smartwatch and I miss some functions but for $20 you get a ton of battery life and if I lose ot or break it, this was only $20!

I wonder if the deal isn’t over – The deal was only until Sep 25, just not sure what time zone. It is past the 25th ET.

Shows out of stock for me.

My understanding is they were going to take it offline for the price change. So maybe that is next.

Not worth the money before the price increase. Most inaccurate step count I’ve ever seen.

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