Wyze Watch Makes Its Debut! - 12/1/20

Time for the Wyze Watch line to make its (official) debut! Will you go big with 47mm or keep it modest with 44mm?

Both of these lightweight slabs of aluminum are matched with powerful software and sensors. Use them to track your health info (including blood oxygen level and heart rate), control your smart home through Shortcuts, and to stay connected for up to 9 days on a single charge.

Both sizes are only $20 with preorder. Hurry - you’ve only got 3 weeks before preorders end!


This looks pretty cool!
As of 10:11 PT, all of The add-on bands aren’t adding to my cart. @WyzeGwendolyn
As of 10:20 PT the additional bands can be added to your cart! Great job @WyzeTeam!



@Brlepage, we’re working on it now!

@twc3000, thanks for the report! I told the team.


Will it work with Alexa in the future?

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No, this product doesn’t have a microphone or speaker so it is not voice assistance compatible.


What is the thickness of the watch(es)? Didn’t see it anywhere in the specs.

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Does it vibrate or that whats meant by motor?


The specs on the different sizes differ somewhat in terms of MCU and RAM. Is one of the watches more capable than the other? It would seem that the 44mm has an advantage in both categories.


Webpage shows same screen size but different battery size. Should be the smaller screen size I would imagine on second entry.

Just a heads up.

looks cool
i might need to get 2 for me and the wife

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  • Price is awesome!
  • No microphone or speaker is disappointing (no phone calls, sounds, AI assistants, voice-controlled smart home devices, etc).
  • You can accept or reject answering a call without touching your phone (though you can’t talk or hear through the watch itself). This could be useful while driving or exercising while wearing a headset with microphone connected to your phone.
  • Bluetooth - the launch page on their site says it is 5.0, but their FCC filing says it is only 4.0 and that all tests also showed it functioning in the 2Mbps range which is only 4.0 (Why this matters: If it’s 4.0 that means it isn’t classified as an IOT device, the range is way shorter, it burns battery faster, it’s slower, and uses more resources than a 5.0 device would). Waiting on clarification on the discrepancy (EDIT: Clarification received and summarized at the end of this post, it is 5.0).
  • No NFC.
  • Will allow you to use Wyze shortcuts quickly (can’t unlock the Wyze lock with it though)
  • No API yet (ie: can’t connect to Sleep as Android or others), but in a recent AMA they said they are working on releasing API’s for their devices in the future.
  • Works with Google Fit and Apple Health
  • Has an oximeter! This is awesome, but you can only check it manually (not passively/automatically) and only once every 5 minutes at most (See confirmation by Wyze below as making this decision to ensure longer battery life).
  • Passive monitoring for heart rate is limited to once every 5 minutes. You can’t set it to check more or less frequently (confirmed by Wyze below). They said they made the decision to take this choice away from us (to ensure longer battery life). The watch will use this passive monitoring to help with the sleep monitoring.
  • No local storage (ie: for storing music).
  • Functionality is limited when not connected directly to a phone, but it will still do some things (track heart rate, use oximeter, tell time, alarms, etc).
  • Water resistant (IP68) = effective for limited continuous submersion underwater (most swimming pools), but not high-pressure or for a long time (scuba diving or really deep pools).
  • Can customize the display, including using pictures
  • OS = RTOS (confirmed by Wyze below)
  • Does allow some access to some apps on your phone (Messaging, weather, music controls for what’s playing on your phone are in testing, emails, though it doesn’t specify which apps or many details about what the limitations are)

In short, it’s more of a basic fitness band with a big square display, rather than what is normally considered a standard “smartwatch” nowadays. If they open up the API to third parties (in the AMA they said they working on API for their devices), then you could possibly make a little more use out of some of its features (the passive tracking, etc). Still, it is an amazing price, and it looks really nice. This is a really great inexpensive item for some people that looks good and has basic features, and for others it doesn’t quite have what they want or expect in a smartwatch. It totally depends on what you want to use it for, and your own preferences. I’m just answering a lot of common questions and assumptions many people want to know to help make a better personal decision for yourself.

EDIT: Wyze has officially affirmed that the Bluetooth for these watches is indeed 5.0, and that the earlier FCC submission saying 4.0 will be updated. Wyze made a great decision to make that upgrade before launch! It is a significant positive.


Twenty bucks? Seriously? Are you trying to make EVERYONE buy a couple? Nice price point!

Edit: hmm, no speaker at all…


hey WYZE that is a good question
is the smaller watch more capable?

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@joshridl, which area are you wanting information on? I’ll go digging!

@twc3000, yes! It does vibrate for alarms.

@timothynott and @bloodbot3n1, there are some small hardware differences between the products but they are very similar. :slight_smile:

@eckmannmiles91, thank you! You are correct.


Very interested in this as well. There seem to be a few typos on the info pages, so I am hoping these are actually reversed.

thank you ma’am
for the reply

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Curious on the thickness of the 44mm myself. 47 seems a little big for me personally. Thanks,

This is the info I am particularly interested in. If we could get more info on processing speed and ram for each size.

Edit: The first image shows 47mm specs, and the second shows the 44 mm specs.