Wyze Watch V2

Upgrade TFT to OLED screen with smaller black bezels, altimeter, NFC, GPS, built-in speaker, microphone, ability to reply to messages, ability to answer/make phone calls through a Bluetooth connected phone, and maybe wireless charging. 5 days of battery life would be nice.

Maybe add Alexa or Google Assistant support if possible.

Something comparable to a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 or Apple watch instead of a fitness band.

I’d even compromise for 2 day battery life… Oled screen with smaller bezels, and a speaker is the most important thing to me.

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Android WearOS or get out.


I agree :100:


…the ability to view Cameras when getting a notification.


Please can you guys make the new smartwatch I just ordered assistant enabled with Alexa?

I don’t think this is possible with an FW update since it has no microphone.

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Ooo, I really like the wireless charging. Alexa integration would be a nice-to-have too. :+1:t3:

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I wish I would have know about this sooner, would gladly give 20 bucks for a try! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Most watches do more than I need daily - please holler if I can add an order!

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Please make a watch for kids. Fitness tracking and with GPS. Thank you.

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The option to run on Wear OS
WiFi, Bluetooth (Maybe LTE via eSIM)
Same Sleep/Heart rate monitoring as Wyze Watch V1
At least one microphone, to speak to Alexa or your Google Assistant
A magnetometer, so that the watch would function like a compass
And all the other features that the Wyze Watch V1 has.

(my original post with 3 ideas was removed, so I’ll post the next one (Wyze Headphones V2) in like 3 days from now idrk)

Edit: My post got merged by a mod. Can’t believe I didn’t also think of NFC!


I got my watch today. The things I think it needs are better motion detection. If my arm is sitting on my desk and raise it up the watch almost never lights up. It needs better watch faces. I essentially have analog faces w/ no info or ugly faces where someone threw pastel paint all over them. It desperately needs a professional looking watch face that can show day, date, time, and potentially weather temp/precipitation. I want a smartwatch for more data on the display. I don’t want a watch that looks like something out of Borderlands 3. I’ve got a lot of Wyze stuff but I’m kind of disgusted w/ this so far.


I only have a Wyze Band, but when you raise the watch up, is the screen facing upwards? (Y’know, towards the sky?) If the screen was facing upwards while it was off, try flicking your wrist so that the screen isn’t facing up for a sec, and then faces upwards again.

I had a band. This is worse than the band. On my desk the palm of my hand is pointing down. I lift my hand and turn the palm of my hand away from me so i can see the watch. No display. Shake my hand/wrist. No display. Whoever programmed the motion detection on it did a horrible job. It works sometimes, but rarely. If I drop my hand straight down by my side and pick it up to look at the watch it seems to work, but that’s not a natural movement when all you want to do is look at your watch. I’d deal w/ lower battery life within reason if the thing would just come on reliably when I want to check the time. What good is a watch you can’t use to check the time?


Just got my Wyze Watch 47 - not bad for the price. One thing that seems like a no-brainer – music to a bluetooth headset. I used it running, and the whole time i was wondering why i couldn’t listen to music while running. Wouldn’t be too hard and wouldn’t require LTE.

2 Wishlist recommendations:

  1. Enable Spotify… enable users to download and use Spotify while on wifi. This way, users can listen to music while working out indoors, or download a playlist if outdoors or away from wifi. (I debated saying Spotify or other app, but Spotify is generally what people use anyway :slight_smile: )

  2. Enable bluetooth audio out… everyone has bluetooth airpods, headphones, or speakers these days. You don’t need to install a speaker into the watch for people to be happy. Enable bluetooth audio out, so when I go running/and lifting I can simply play my Spotify playlist right from my watch. That way, I won’t need to carry my phone while running.


Bluetooth audio def seems like a no-brainer, especially because Wyze already makes really good headphones!

First post, hope I’m doing this right.

I’d like to see the option me to decide how long the display stays on after I flick my wrist. The raise feature is not very consistent and sometimes the display turns off before I can read it. It seems like I am able to flick my wrist to turn the face off?? Id remove any off function.

I’d like to be able to rearrange or remove some of the apps. I would like to remove the women’s health button. I’d rather have the weather button higher in the list.

I’d like to see weather on the watch face.


I’m not getting correct results on sleep tracking. It’s as if the watch is only tracking sleep patterns between 11 pm through 7am. I’m sleeping from 4am through noon, nothing is tracked after 7am. My activities from midnight to 4am are listed as light sleep.

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I’ll second rearranging the apps. There are some there I have absolutely no use for and the one I’d use the most (weather) is on the 2nd page. I have to scroll down to find it. We need some way to rearrange and remove icons at the least.


That’s weird, on the band you can rearrange/remove the features you don’t use.