Wyze Band is back! - 6/9/20

Wyze Band is back! Go beyond your typical activity tracker.

Wyze Band is the first band to have Alexa built-in. You can do anything with it that you normally would with Alexa - Ask questions, set alarms, check the weather, or do just about anything else. It even has dual microphones to make it easier for Alexa to hear you.

That means you can control your home with your voice. Turn on your coffee maker before getting out of bed, dim the lights during movie night, or lock your front door at bedtime.

Wyze Band also monitors your heart rate and sleep patterns. It’s a fitness tracker with a run mode. It gives you all your notifications on your wrist - news, texts, calls, and app notifications.

The best part? It’s only $24.99 + shipping. :wink:


Thanks for letting us @WyzeGwendolyn. Please has the shortcut to unlock the Wyze Lock enabled now? @WyzeArthur @WyzeTeam

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Sounds way better than that ring thing that Amazon is/was selling (audio only). This is really the only similar product with Alexa?

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Any idea when there will be different colored bands available? I was hoping to order my next couple bands with colors other than black.

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@superchi, you’re welcome! And I know that the team is discussing that topic (though making no promises yet).

@dmg2003, not sure when the other color bands will be available! But we look forward to it happening later! :grin:


I haven’t seen any bands with Alexa. Fitbit versa 2 has Alexa but I think it’s considered a smartwatch.

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Really wish they would take more “inspiration” from the Microsoft Band 2\3 design and functionality. It really was a brilliant product that was actually before its time. And the slightly curved design, lower profile, and wider face and band would be fantastic. If they could produce something similar yet keep the price down it could be huge.