Wyze Band Available For Early Access!

We’re stoked to open up new possibilities for controlling your smart home. Now you can do it from your wrist!

Wyze Band allows you to control Wyze devices with the touch of a button and you can use the Alexa built-in to work with your other connected products. Wyze Band does the other tasks that you’d expect from a band, too. It can track your steps, your heart rate, your sleep, set alarms, show phone notifications, and help you find your phone.

All that in a sleek, little package for only $24.99 (+ shipping).

Check it out - Wyze Watch 47c


@WyzeGwendolyn I haven’t worn a watch in literally decades. I have used Garmin GPS watches for my training and races. But for the features listed and being able to control my Wyze home, I’ll give it a go. Especially at this price.


Any word on whether the Wyze band can track altitude? Or whether it can be used for presence detection to automate home routines with other wyze products? I would love if the band connected to the cams sense bridge to tell if I’m home and then could activate my lights, plugs, etc. If they can do both of those I’m definitely in for early access.


Crazy pricing!


Can I assume that it will control all your smart home devices with Alexa and not just Wyze devices?


@braden, it doesn’t have altitude tracking or presence detection at this point. But I’ll share your interest with the team! :slight_smile:

@jerry021043, you can assume that! :smiley:


Will it be able to control the Wyze lock? Hopefully! @WyzeGwendolyn


Awesome thanks! And I saw in the product feature page that it will eventually support route tracking.
Once it adds that, especially if it could integrate with Strava, there’d be no reason to ever consider a different fitness band!


This looks pretty great-- does it sync to Apple Health and/or Google Health? if so this would be a no-brainer purchase for pretty much every member of my extended family.


Are there any plans to add more apps to the watch? Something simple even like a TOTP app for us folks that do a lot of MFA.
Smart alarms planned?

Already in for one at this price, but as a die-hard Pebble fan I’d love to see apps and more watch faces planned!


Alexa? No thanks! Google rules!


Note that according to FAQ, heart rate is not continuous monitoring. You must request a reading on band and it measures for a few seconds.
Also, phone notifications is notifications only. Do not see the actual text message for example.

I can’t find any confirmation if it does or will have Google Fit or Apple Health integration. I’ll buy it right now if it supports Google Fit. I’m tired of having to remember to manually enter my steps with my company’s wellness program. Google fit auto syncs every day, I just do the walking, it does the rest.


Still no shipping to Canada - honestly :frowning:


Please tell me you are going to continue to expand the watch face options! I have been a Pebble user for years, but now that new hardware is not available, I have been waiting for a good replacement to hit the market. You definitely nailed the price point, but I would love to have more flexibility in the watch face even if it doubled the price. Something with weather and a calendar?
Here’s an example: Pebble Appstore


if it will do altitude in the future, I would be great to be able to have it work with skitraxx & similar apps.

band (x3) & scale ordered.
Our scale has been wonky for ages, so timing is good.

If only the watch/band had a #Covidiot detector to tell when infected are near. :wink:


Me too. I would buy it today if it syncs with Google Fit.

The fact that Google Fit is not mentioned probably means it does not.


Totally, Strava was the first thing I thought of.