Wyze Band and Scale AMA 3/24 at 12:00PM PT

Hi, everyone!

We’ve been getting a lot of great questions about our newly launched Wyze Band and Wyze Scale.

We have an AMA coming up at 12:00 PT so you can learn more about these products and would love for you to join.

Here’s the link:


Does @ArthurH say SmartThings at ~22:47?

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i missed this AMA, but i am wondering if the band will at some point not require to have the wyze app running on the phone in order for it to be anything other than a step-counter. most other devices that do the same sort of thing don’t require an app running in order for it to collect the data that it can then sync up next time the app is run. now i haven’t received mine just yet, so i am just going off of a few reviews, but honestly that seems like it could be inconvenient especially when trying to use the Alexa function only to find that the Wyze app isn’t open and therefore it won’t work. so, any plans on updates to change this?

Hi there. We received several reports on this and we are definitely going to redesign it to make running the app in background optional.

But even with app closed, you should still be able to use Wyze Band for:
Clock, Step Count, Calorie, Heart Rate, Sleep time, Push Notifications, and Running.
And Sedentary Reminder and Step Goals in 2.10 release.


Yes, we are in researching phase about IFTTT and SmartThings integration