Android 2.10 beta App release for Band and Scale update - 4/8/2020

We have a new version for Wyze Band and Scale update to test, sorry about the inconvenience everyone may just install the version yesterday, that’s because some permission just got approved by google yesterday and we want you to use it at the first time.

***BTW, thanks for all of your valuable feedback, it is so lucky Wyze have you guys, such incredible loyal users, at this hard time. Thank you all so much! ***

Here is the release note:

App version: 2.10.32

What’s New:

• Added Google Fit support for Wyze Scale
• Added support for phone SMS and in-call permissions for Wyze Band


Hi, any update on when scale and band will go out for delivery?

Thank you

any way to use wyze band/scale at the same time to keep the person detection from

(1) how to link google fit to wyze band? did not find anywhere
(just noticed only for scale)

(2) missing option to disable the notification to band when the phone is in use (when u look at the phone, u get the notice, most time it is not necessary to get noticed again)

(3) the shortcut, when scroll up and down it can accidentally activate the shortcuts

(4) any setting to display the level of battery (just bar w/o percentage)?

(5) no music control

(6)notifications do not go away/dissappear automatically after being viewed on the phone (very annoying)

(7) notification, how to select notification from alarm/calendar?

i got my band today

Tried the Google Fit authorization for Wyze Scale on 2.10.32, but it seems to fail after selecting the Google account, and kicks me back to the Authorize button screen.

There’s this thin black bar that swipes from the top to bottom of screen rapidly right after selecting the Google account that you want to link.

If you try “Add another account”, that does move on to the next window and allow users to input Google account info as far as I could tell.

Was anybody able to successfully link an existing Google Fit account on Android device to Wyze app?

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When I got the beta update today, the "What’s New popup said something about view history. What was that about?

Was this update on for Android? Apple Test Flight is only showing 2.10.31(2) which is installed for me.

Hi received my scale over a week ago but no band yet. I ordered both same time. Any help at all please?

This is a thread more geared towards discussion of the app released on 4/8. If you’d like help with the order status of your band, I’d recommend reaching out to the customer support team so they can look into it for you! :slight_smile: