2.13 app Beta Test 8/19/2020


iOS: 2.13.11(3)
Android: 2.13.113


General App:

  • Improved the Red Dot notification system

  • Improved the Event page UI

  • Improved the Event filter

  • Added support Fast forward for Cam Plus video

  • Added support for backup 2FA phone number verification

  • Improved Wyze Bulb actions with Rules

Wyze Sense:

• Added support for Wyze Sense low battery status
• Added support for Wyze Sense low battery notification

Wyze Scale:

• Added support for pairing multiple scales to one account

• Added support for guest measurement • Added support for weight goals

Wyze Band:

  • Added a Tool Box feature with Stop Watch and Flash Light (available after the next beta firmware update)

  • Improved heart rate accuracy

  • Improved UI for the Notification Box

  • Fixed several issues with sleep duration and sleep cycle calculation


  • Backup 2FA phone number verification

  • Wyze Bulb actions with Rules

  • Normal use for Wyze Scale

  • Wyze Band Tool Box (available after the next beta firmware update)


Thank you so much for this update!!! The improvements are awesome!

I really like the new event filter and fast forwarding on events! It’s a really nice things for long event clips!

My only request is that you take the fast forwarding you have in the events and put it in the playback for Wyze Cam V2 and Pan.

What is Red Dot notification system? Is that the emergency button system?

I’m happy to see improvements and added features to some past products on this list. For a while it seemed everything was being ignored except new products and subscription improvements. I feel better seeing there is work being done on previous products still to keep making them better despite no recurring revenue.

How do I access the Band toolbox?


Excited to test the new WyzeBand functions out!


After having the update installed for a while I have no event thumbnails on camera notification events

Is this the update where we lose person detection? Doesn’t matter too much as they have all but stopped working again, and person detection triggers also quite.

How do you access the tool box on the BAND?


I just installed the update and there certainly is no toolbox stop watch or flashlight on my band.
And yes I am a beta user.
Please help.


Same here!

This is a great update! I love the new user interface for filtering events! Much much easier to find things especially if you have a lot of devices

I updated and dug but couldn’t find a band toolbox or mention thereof.
@WyzeAndy - what are we missing?


Nice, you’ve fixed the heading section so it stays put when scrolling through events.
So far I like the new filter setup.

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Does not work on my Fire HD8 tablet.
Shows no devices and I can’t add devices, the selection list is empty.
Events are showing but trying to filter causes the app to crash.
2.12.29 works fine.


Per firmware update notes band is supposed to now have functions toolbox, stopwatch and flashlight.
I have none of these.
I have Android 10

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Same issue after the update. Have you updated your cam 2 firmware ?
I think the issue is related. I have not updated to the latest beta cam firmware

Yes all Wyze related firmware is up to date.
Thanks for your response

I had mine updated to the latest firmware. It actually fixed itself and I am now getting event thumbnails. Not sure what caused this issues but it’s fixed now.

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