2.13 app Release Candidate test 9/2/2020

iOS: 2.13.16(1)
Android: 2.13.116

General App:

  • Improved the Event page UI & Event filter

  • Added support for backup 2FA phone number verification

  • Added the ability to change Wyze Bulb settings without turning the bulbs on with Rules

  • Bug fixes

Wyze Sense:

• Added support for low battery status & notifications

Wyze Scale:

• Added support for pairing multiple scales to one account
• Added support for data exporting

Wyze Band:

  • Added a Tool Box feature with Stop Watch and Flash Light

  • Improved heart rate and sleep tracking accuracy


Recently joined Beta (iPadOS). Will the update appear within the Testflight app when available for installation? Will I be notified (i.e. icon badge, etc.) when available or must I just keep checking periodically? Sorry, been awhile since I’ve run Testflight. Currently running beta v. 2.13.15 (2)

Edit: never mind, just received a Notification that the update is available for testing (was kind of expecting an icon badge too, but I guess not)

Not sure specifically about theTestflight app, but badges are usually a function of your settings on your device. Settings/Notifications and set per app.

Yeah, in Notifications settings, Alerts, Sounds and Badges are all 3 enabled for Testflight app. I’m just not sure if Testflight makes use of badge notifications.

Still experiencing massive battery drain and my iPhone heating up , this simply having the app open , scrolling through the settings

Engineering can’t seem to fix the issue

I really don’t remember. I usually get the notification and jump straight to they update, so I guess badges would be a moot point.

Check out this thread.

I almost missed the notification banner so changed banner style from Temporary to Persistent.

The spinning circle :o: is still present when pulling down on event dates where there are no events to display.

As mentioned before , battery drain is crazy , 22 mins of playing around with schedules and Wyze is at the top of the leader board for battery usage.

I get notifications for TestFlight but I had to turn them on.

Thanks, but do also get a Badge (red circle with “1” on inside) superimposed on the TestFlight app icon itself? Seems to me the red badge should also appear, assuming Badges are enabled in Notifications. I don’t believe I saw one.

No, I didn’t get any badge.

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Wyze devices no longer show up on the last two Wyze app releases running with Bluestacks Android emulator. Getting “Cart processing failed. Try again later.” error message. Events show up for cams but under their MAC addresses. 2.13.116 app version. Other than that, works great on all my other devices.

Not getting offered this release from the Wyze app on my phone. Also not available in the google store. I currently run v2.12.35. When can we get this update?


Its a beta. Stick with the current version. This beta has way too many bugs

Hello Wyze Team!

I am running the Beta App and Beta Firmware.

I currently have 8 CamPlus V2 Cameras.

Very often one of them will seem to stop sending notifications to the cloud.

This is my most active camera as we are always going in and out of the house by this camera.

After I turn off and on CamPlus for this camera in a day or so it will start sending events to the cloud again.

Here’s the crazy part: I can then go back and view all my events that were not available before.

So, it’s recording the events but the app isn’t showing them.

This needs to be fixed…

I already submitted a log. Here it is: 40797


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