2.13 app Beta 2 test 8/26/2020


iOS: 2.13.15(2)
Android: 2.13.115

New features:None



  • Fixed an Event filter bug

  • Fixed a bug preventing a customer from turning on the person detection service after turning it off


  • Fixed an Event filter bug

  • Fixed a bug that may cause the app to reboot


  • Backup 2FA phone number verification

  • Event Filter

  • Rules with Wyze Bulb

  • Normal use for Wyze Scale

  • Wyze Band Tool Box (Firmware update required 1.0.7. 96)


Thanks for the heads-up, I’ll check it out tonight.
Any progress on the delayed notifications on Android 10 for the Wyze cams?

Tried the Wyze Band Tool Box apps after this update. Works well. The Flashlight is stable and its brightness is fair. The Stopwatch is a pretty basic, does one thing, timer. Please add ability to countdown and alert a user when time’s up.

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Event filteting works well, no problems found
Scale working well as well.
Nothing to report yet.

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New wyze Beta app equals nothing fixed new problems introduced

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I get crashes now

When refreshing / pull down on events for the current day , spinning circle :o: like the previous version.


My app crashed twice this morning, once after getting the no fragment error twice in a row on the same event (which hasn’t happened before, usually it works on the second attempt) and once after successfully viewing another event.
I sent logs both times;

The app crashes every 2 to 3 times it’s opened.

cause close of app after play the event clips, happened twice today

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I noticed that with hardware decoding enabled in the android app settings, the cache file size is working now.
Before it always showed as 0 MB. :+1:

You must be on Android ?

Yes, sorry I should have mentioned that… Just added it.

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Can you explain more detail? And when crash happened again submit the log and let us know the ticket # ?

Thanks for the feedback.

Can you submit the log and let us know the ticket #?

2FA is working well. For the first time, I was logged out of the App so had to log back in and had to Authenticate. After that I added the App to my older iPad, also needed to Authenticate. I am using the Microsoft Authenicar App,

The other areas appear to be working as expected

Toolbox is a nice addition.

App in Samsung J7 2017 crashed a few rine after uploading update ut has resolved.

Upload on Samsung S10E working fine.

Delayed notification on both with V2 cam pan so that issue not resolved with update. (Note occurred prior to the current IoT issue currently ongoing)

@WyzeAndy can you explain what happened to the fast forward in CamPlus event pages? Last update had that and it worked well. Now it’s gone.