2.13 app Beta 2 test 8/26/2020

@WyzeAndy Apart from the pretty constant app closing during navigating between viewing different events, I also noticed that if it’s not closing / crashing and it returns you to the event viewer screen, it no longer remembers your position down the list, it always returns you to the top of the list and you have to scroll down to your last viewed event, it used to be remember which event you were returning from and return you to the same spot on the list. It does however still mark the event as viewed, even if it crashes.
Thought it may be worth mentioning.

Yes, it is very annoying that the Events list stopped pinning the position of the most recently viewed clip and is now returning to the top.

Another annoyance is only displaying clips for the current date. The previous method was to display all previous clips in chronological order, regardless of age. I did not realize that for over a week I had old clips hidden away unless I selected each previous day available.

Thats new to me, I’ve always had to select a date from the calendar at the top of the event viewing screen to view clips not for the current day.
My clips always started with anything after 12am for the given day… Would be nice to just scroll back :blush:

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Looks like I never noticed the dates, or at least the clips were limited that way.

I don’t understand why WYZE has chosen to add the Band Toolbox features (two relatively unimportant ones, IMHO), while not addressing other more long standing issues. For example, how about fixing the inability to delete or modify entries in the Workout feature. I’ve had 2 of them in my band since April when i accidentally wore the device in the shower and it went bonkers.

WYZE, are you listening to your users anymore? From what I am reading and experiencing, it doesn’t feel like it. I hope this is not another company that got too big to meet the commitments to its customers that made i successful. Just saying…

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I’m beta testing for a new wyze product, the beta version they gave me has none of the the issues this one has… Just saying… :grin:
No: fragment not found
Failed to upload
App closing / crashing
Correct repositioning on the event page after
viewing event.
I don’t know what base version it was built from… But the beta is 3.1.5

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