Beta v2.10.41 feedback

after 30 sconds with the new beta it’s driving me nuts.


  1. I don’t’ need a notification that wyze is running (wyze logo one), it’s annoying to have notifications for things that are important “right now”, and cannot be dismissed

  2. if you click on the blue wyze notification it should take you into the app, not into the notifications setting for the app

  3. you need a setting to enable/disable the wyze beta running notification

  4. I got the weight scale notification even though I don’t have one and cannot get rid of it (you have tro force stop the app to get rid of it)

I uninstalled the app and went into the folder app and deleted the wyze folder. Then reinstall the app. I do this every time they update their app. You will not loose anything doing this. It keeps problems like this from popping up.

The app is running in the background on my Android deice, yet I missed 5 notifications from Wyze until I picked up my phone and woke the screen, My phone and Band then blew up with the missed notifications that occurred between 5min and 10minutes ago.

The feedback is very much appreciated! We’re looking into optimizing those notifications and the Scale team has confirmed they disabled that persisting scale message.