Wyze scale says time to take reading?

Hahaha! So… I just got the latest beta update and now I am getting a android logo in the top left corner of my screen, when I drag it down to see what it is it says, my wyze scale wants me to weigh myself! Lol… I don’t own one or have ever set one up. Something is out of whack here. Any body have any ideas? Cause now I can’t get rid of the notifications. :joy:.

EDIT: While thinking a little bit about it, I went to the app settings and force stopped the beta app and then restarted it and it fixed itself.

I had the same thing and did exactly what you did, it went away after I forced stopped the app. I don’t own Wyze scale either.

Thing is, it came back this morning when I rebooted my phone. So we will see if it becomes a problem.

Someone posted here about it being addressed on Facebook.

Yeah that looks like mine😁thanks.