Wyze Scale not syncing

Not sure when something went wrong but my scale will no sync with the beta app v2.14.31. It shows as connected, but no weight updates. Also odd, it only measures my weight now, it no longer measures body fat after displaying weight. Everything is updated to latest firmware. Force closed, reset phone, reset scale, turned Bluetooth on/off.

@WyzeGwendolyn Any recommendations?

Try opening the app and connecting to the scale, then weigh in and see if it goes to the app then

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Thanks Jason. This resumed normal operation, but the scale still lost 2 weeks of data that never synced. What would cause it to stop operating properly (not recording %fat while standing on the unit) when the app wasn’t even connected? Firmware bug? Maxed out onboard cache?

I am not completely sure, it should hold somewhere around 100 weigh ins I thought. I have see in not go past actual weight if your feet are dry, but even when that has happened to me it logs the weight in the app, it just leaves the rest blank. I was honestly giving you the step I would do first in trouble shooting, I was making sure they would connect and that the app would see you stand on it, somehow I guess that fixed it.

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