Scale syncs but doesnt update data

My scale WHSCL1 has not been showing data in the app for about 2 months. The app shows connection and says “syncing” but nothing updates.
Firmware is current and have I replaced the batteries, I dont want to loose 2 months of readings.

Scale X firmware v1.0.109, plug-in v.2.46.0, app v., iOS v16.7.1

My Scale X stopped syncing with the installation of the app update on 20 Oct 23. None of the following helps:

  • Remove batteries from the scale for 3 minutes then reinstall
  • Force-quit the app
  • Reboot the iPhone

The app reports “connected” and the digits light up…it just doesn’t sync. Suggestions?

Ok I am now up to 4 months of unsync daily readings. I really need this info now. Can someone tell me how to fix this?? the scale reads my daily weight and shows other info. IF I have the app open it will sync THAT weighing, but I can not get any info on the weighings that I do not have the app open for. This use to work.